The Only Guide Beginners Need to Rent a Storage Unit

Decluttering your house is the best way to keep it organized. It provides you with more space, allowing you to bring in new sofas or tables to enhance the look and feel of your home.

The best way to declutter your home is by renting a storage unit. It allows you to keep your belongings in a secure place. Whether you want to renovate your house, move to another place or get rid of unwanted possessions, hiring a storage unit is the right option.

On the other hand, there are some seasonal items like summer clothing that you do not need for the entire year. You also require holiday decoration items for a specific time of the year. So, keeping such valuables in a storage unit helps to create more space in the house, and you can utilize them again whenever they are required.

Let’s find out how you can easily rent a storage unit as a beginner.

1. Assess the Size of the Storage Unit

The first step of renting a storage unit is to analyze your needs and decide which unit size will suit you. List down the items that you have to move to the unit. It will help you determine which size of the unit will be suitable for you.

You can easily keep small items in a storage space of 5×10 or 5×5. You can opt for big units having a size of 20×20 or 10×30 if you have to move a large number of appliances or furniture.

You may also consider an all purpose storage unit. It would be better to consult storage unit officials to get the right size suggestions according to the number of items you want to store.

CBOX Containers also adds that getting a storage container is also a viable option.

2. Determine the Cost

The cost of a storage unit varies according to the size of the unit that you choose. It also depends on how long you want to keep your belongings in the unit.

Usually, storage units offer monthly contracts. But if you want to hire a storage facility for longer, then you may also get discounted offers.
The availability of the unit also impacts the cost. If nearby units are booked in advance, then you may have to pay more to book your slot. You can also get reasonable prices if you find vacant facilities.

3. Get Sufficient Space

Another important thing that you should look for in a storage facility is whether it has sufficient space or not. Make sure that a storage unit has multiple size options, so it can keep all your belongings in a safe manner.

A place with few options for unit size may not allow you to store everything that you want. It will be the right thing to pay more for a space that you need rather than compromising on the size of the storage facility.

You can find different options in a spacious place, including large rooms and storage bins. Also, if you want to shift more stuff later and have sufficient space, then you can adjust it easily.

4. Storage Unit Should be Climate Controlled

The best storage facilities are climate-controlled. It means that a place should be able to control the humidity and temperature at a consistent level, or else it can damage your belongings.

The humidity level in storage units should be normal so your belongings remain safe. If you want to keep stuff that is made of wood or paper, then you must keep this factor in mind.

Changing humidity can cause furniture to crack and expand. The same goes for paper, as it can lose its quality which can be terrible if you want to keep important documents.

You need to look for storage units in the area where there is a moderate level of humidity. So, you have to ensure that the storage facility you book is climate-controlled to keep your valuables safe.

5. Availability of Delivery and Pickup Services

You may not find delivery and pickup services commonly in storage units. But facilities offering these services can be a plus point for you as they can be helpful for the elderly and disabled individuals.

People who do not have any means of transportation to move their belongings should look for storage units with these services. Even if you can move your stuff easily to the storage facility, it can be difficult for you to organize it properly.

Professional movers can not only pick up and deliver your stuff but can also organize it perfectly in a storage unit. They know how to adjust belongings properly so it does not occupy extra space.

6. Storage Unit should be Clean

It may sound pretty basic thing, but it is the most important one. The high-quality storage facility is properly cleaned without any pests. You do not want to see cockroaches and rats roaming around your belongings.

Pests can also possibly damage your stuff, so you have to ensure that the property where you are keeping your valuables is sterilized and cleaned. It will keep your items safe and in a perfect state as you left them over there.

7. Get Insurance for your Valuables

Every owner would like to have insurance for their belongings before keeping them in a storage unit. You have to look for storage facilities that have insurance policies for the valuables of owners.

If any accident or natural disaster occurs, it can help to cover the expenses of damage to your items. You may consult the relevant expert who can guide you better about the insurance policies before making a final decision. Accidents can occur anytime and anywhere, but you need to look for a storage unit that can protect not only your valuables but their value as well.


Renting a storage unit is not a straightforward process, as you have to keep track of different things. From assessing unit size to cost, you have to keep in mind different factors to get the services of a reliable storage facility. You should also consult the previous customers of the storage facility that you intend to hire. It will save you time and effort and help you in making the right decision while looking for the right storage unit.

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