The Most Liveable Cities In US 2020

Liveable Cities

Buying a home is like a dream come true. Although it requires a lot of assessment before making the actual investment, the sheer excitement of owning a home is self-fulfilling.

Usually, you can find a list of practices to follow when searching for a home. You may also know a few factors that you should take into account. However, paying a visit and exploring if the house is liveable, in person, can be onerous, especially if you are moving to another city.

Several data gathered from world reports suggest that for any homeowner, the very first thing that matters is the quality of life that society offers. It may consider the crime rate, safety, liveability, and many such factors.

Based on the life quality a city can offer to its residents, we’ve compiled a list of 12 most liveable cities in the United States.

Sarasota, Florida

For the sea people, what could be better than the beaches of Florida? And if paired with scenic beauty and cultural arts, wishing to stay at Sarasota is not absurd. Amongst the education, trading, and transportation industries, the biggest employer in the city is the hospitality industry. The population has surpassed the mark of 7,8000,000 within the last decade. With an average annual family income of close to $42,680 and a low unemployment rate, Sarasota scored 7.4 on the scale of 10.

Another part of Florida that’s good for living is Tiburon in Naples. Tiburon is an active lifestyle community in Naples, Florida. This community of single-family and condo homes provides access to a number of amenities and activities, including two 18-hole golf courses designed by Greg Norman. Museums, beaches, and sports stadiums can also be found closeby. In addition to this, homeowners are a half-hour drive from both Downtown Naples and Southwest Florida International Airport. In case you are looking for houses for sale in Tiburon, Naples, please browse this website. The Janet Berry Luxury Home Team is your resource for buying and selling homes in Southwest Florida.

Nashville, Tennessee

Best known for its Honky-Tonk culture and an entrepreneurial spirit, Nashville stands at the twelfth position in this list. Local realtors opine that the job market is booming, along with raging fun options for the residents. The city is a thriving ground for several large hospitals employing thousands of citizens. Several others work at small startups, research centers, and business accelerator programs. The total population of the city is 1,830,410, with an average annual income of $47,110. The city scored 6.1 out of 10 for the life quality score.

Charlotte, North Carolina

A cultural hotspot for NASCAR and motorsports, Charlotte has everything that one can expect from old-fashioned southern charm to modern urbane bustle. The city also houses the headquarters of Bank of America and other companies, making it one of the largest hubs for financial conduct in the country. Offering some of the best areas in the country with mesmerizing natural views and historic properties, the city stands upright to its image, says a local realtor expert.

Washington, DC

One of the strongest markets for jobs in healthcare and education, the capital, also ranks amongst the most liveable cities this year. On this page, it is necessary to mention that apart from being the political hub for the country, Washington DC is also the home for block parties and stellar nightlife. People here are warm to strangers. So much so, that one can easily hang out with strangers at public parks and coffee shops. A sure sign of a friendly neighborhood and hosting nature of the city residents. The city’s mean annual income tops at $69,210 for a total population of 6,090,196, putting the quality of life score at 6.6.

Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

For people looking for a balance between the urban and rural lifestyles, Dallas-Fort can be an optimal choice. most suitable for young professionals, the city has a lot on offer, including employment in businesses, finance, and education. And to add to it, the sporty psyche of the city is a great getaway from city bustles. One can indulge in local bars and retail shops for some relaxing experience. The overall quality of life score is 6.7 for a total population of 7,104,415, with a mean annual income of $51,250.

Greenville, South Carolina

What used to be a sleepy town once, has experienced an influx of cultural revival in recent years, mainly because of increased opportunities for manufacturing jobs in the region. Numerous eateries and businesses have thrived in the city in recent years. Allowing citizens with better employment opportunities. Although the summers can be a bit hot, you can still take a stroll across the town market, any time of the year. The city’s mean annual income for 872,463 inhabitants is $43,230, making it a 6.8 pointer for quality of life score.

Boise, Idaho

Boise, the capital city of the state of Idaho, offers the best mixture of city life close to nature. The primary employment in this region includes education, tech, civil services. The total population of the city counts to 677,346, out of which more than 25,000 are students at Boise State University. Bringing the score for quality of life close to 7.2. The average annual family income is $43,880.

Austin, Texas

The city ranked at the top of the real estate industry for three consecutive years. Known for its music festivals and concerts involving live performances, the city is now housing an all-new culture. Austin was also nicknamed as the “silicon hills” in the 1990s. After being nominated amongst the best city for VC investments. The total population is over 2,000,590, with an average annual income of $51,840, bringing its score to 7.3.

Asheville, North Carolina

Loved by the tourists and residents alike, the mountain town of Asheville in the North Carolina state rests between the Blue Ridge and Appalachian mountains. The town embraces everyone who loves craft beer, among the fans of art and music. With annual family income close to $41,210, the town scored 7.5 out of 10. Mostly because the quality is on offer here for over 446,625 residents.

Madison, Wisconsin

A hotbed of healthcare, IT, and manufacturing plants, Madison city in Wisconsin is the one most suitable for professionals. Particularly known for its unique food culture, which is a mixture of local produces and fine dining, Madison’s average annual income is $52,190. The score stands at 7.5, as with Asheville.

San Jose, California

Technical minds would surely love to live in the city of San Jose, California, which has Google and Facebook as the largest private-sector employers. One can enjoy high-rise buildings in the business district, as can they enjoy suburban neighborhoods here. Housing more than 2,000,000 residents and paying them about $77,000 annually, San Jose is sure to gain the second position with a score of 7.6 out of 10.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

The city has more than 80 breweries and offers a healthy job market for youngsters and professionals alike. With most affordable housing options and a variety of recreational activities on offer, Grand Rapids in the state of Michigan atop our list for most liveable cities in the US. The current population exceeds 1,100,000 with an annual family income close to $55,000, which is equivalent to what a family earns in San Jose, California. However, because of the drastic difference in living costs, Grand Rapids leads San Jose with a score of 8.0 out of 10.

The cities on this list have scores for the living quality that they offer. Although you can consider many other factors such as connectivity, available amenities, and so on, in the end, it’s your own decision. You can take a tour of the neighborhood and assess for yourself which localities meet your luxuries and also are liveable. And we hope this piece has given you an insight into what you shall be looking for during your search.

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