The Micro Refuges of the Corporation of Parc du Poisson Blanc / Atelier L’Abri

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The Corporation of Parc du Poisson Blanc is pleased to announce the launch of its new project, the Micro Refuges. Designed by architecture firm Atelier Urban Face, these tiny houses are the perfect solution for those seeking a unique and eco-friendly vacation experience in the heart of nature.

The Micro Refuges are located in the scenic and peaceful surroundings of Parc du Poisson Blanc, which boasts stunning views of the natural landscape and an abundance of outdoor recreational activities. Each refuge is carefully designed to offer a comfortable and sustainable living space for up to two people, with features such as a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom, a sleeping area, and a living room.

Constructed using sustainable materials and techniques, the Micro Refuges are designed to have a minimal impact on the environment. Solar panels provide electricity for lighting and appliances, while a composting toilet ensures that waste is managed responsibly. Each refuge also comes with a small wood stove for heating, making it cozy and warm even on cold nights.

The Micro Refuges are available for rent year-round, with prices starting at $120 per night. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a solo adventure in the great outdoors, the Micro Refuges are the perfect choice. Book your stay today and experience the beauty and tranquility of Parc du Poisson Blanc like never before!

In addition to providing a unique vacation experience, the Micro Refuges project also aims to promote sustainable tourism and raise awareness about the importance of environmental conservation. By demonstrating that eco-friendly tourism is both enjoyable and feasible, the Corporation of Parc du Poisson Blanc hopes to inspire others to adopt more sustainable practices in their own lives.

The Micro Refuges have already garnered attention and praise from visitors and industry experts alike. One guest commented, “Staying in a Micro Refuge was an amazing experience. It’s amazing how much you can fit into such a small space, and the attention to detail was incredible. Plus, the views are absolutely breathtaking!”

Another visitor added, “I was really impressed by how eco-friendly the Micro Refuges were. It’s great to see a project that’s so committed to sustainability and reducing its impact on the environment.”

With the launch of the Micro Refuges, the Corporation of Parc du Poisson Blanc has once again demonstrated its commitment to preserving and promoting the natural beauty of the region. By offering a sustainable and memorable vacation experience, the Micro Refuges are sure to become a popular destination for nature lovers and eco-tourists alike.

Technical Sheet

Project Name: The Micro Refuges of the Corporation of Parc du Poisson Blanc
Location: Notre-Dame-du-Laus, Quebec
Windows: Fabelta Window Systems
Architectural Design: Atelier L’Abri
Interior Design: Vives St-Laurent
Construction: Modulor
Photographer: Claude Badet

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