The Medieval Side of Murano Glass

Venice, the Italian floating city, is filled with many beautiful landmarks and elements that it’s famous for, however there are some more distinct ones than others. When thinking of it, you immediately think of bridges, canals, gondolas…

Well, Venice is also known for its emerged beauty of its Palaces (or in Italian – Palazzi), that date from old times and have been carefully preserved and provide an insider’s look at how notable Venetians lived from the 17th to 20th centuries. But as this article is more focused on the Venetian décor, what’s impressive is the decorations within these Palazzi, and one specific type of decoration, the Murano Glass figures decorations.

Murano Glass dates from long ago, it has been perfected with centuries, to be more precise, from the 13th century. The two words that perfectly describe it are timeless and grandeur, and that is what Murano Glass represents. The really special thing about the Murano Glass, is how exclusive it is… It can only be made on the small island of Murano (thus its name), an island near the floating city, and only artisans from Murano can make it, with businesses registered on that same island.

This hand-crafting mastery is passed on from generation to generation, from father to son, and only masters from Venice and Murano can really create the figures. Being hand-made, this eccentric glass is made so uniquely, that each piece is one of a kind. There aren’t any machines that are creating it, everything is hand-crafted, making each piece unique in its own way, an imperfect perfection so to say. Murano Glass is truly a colorful art, and that is achieved by adding different minerals into the mix. These minerals melt and give the transparent glass rich colors, and often in many authentic Murano Glass objects, real gold or silver specks can be found inside. The masters mix gold to get red color, cobalt to get blue, iron for green, and many more elements for various designs.

Murano Glass figures range from Vases, Centerpiece, Sculptures, and much more, but as we are concentrating on the old venetian palazzi, and what is distinct for them, we are going to talk about the by far most luxurious and eccentric item that dates since then and that has been used all the time in those ages – which are the Murano Glass Goblets.

Goblets are some of the most classic and valuable products in Murano glass-making. The glass goblet is the tangible representation of timeless luxury straight from the princely courts of Europe. Its presence is seen in all of human history, from legends, to tragedies, to magic, to historical events, each Murano glass goblet is a unique masterpiece, an extraordinary product amazing for both its exquisite decoration, and its incredible lightness: the ethereal weight of a feather in your hands. Many of the designs of the goblets are reproduction of the early 16th century cups. and the details that the Murano masters (in Italian “Maestri”) bless the glass with are truly breathtaking.

Regardless of the place where it is displayed, it will always distinguish itself thanks to its elegant and particular design, achieved through the hardworking process of glass blowing.
Whether you have already visited Venice or not, having this piece of art in your house will allow you to live the “Venetian Dream“. By bringing into your house an authentic goblet, which is entirely made in the heart of Venice, you can decorate your house with an Italian lifestyle point of view, combining simplicity and an evergreen beauty.

The goblets usually can be categorized in 3 categories: Decorative, having the modern decorative look and being able to be matched with any other decorative figure; Luxury, representing traditional and unmistakable elegance of hand-blown glass, perfectly satisfying the desire of individuals with luxury tastes; and Medieval, of course for people that are astounded by the Middle Ages (such as me) and always wanted to give a touch of medieval mystery into their homes.

All these Goblets and other Murano Glass figures, nowadays are protected by a Trademark of Originality, which is provided by the province of Veneto where Murano and Venice are located. This trademark is very important because it allows customers to distinguish authentic figures and websites that sell genuine Murano Glass figures out from fake or not authentic figures, because as mentioned, the Murano Glass products can only be made in Murano, so anything aside that region is not considered genuine.

So, if you are walking on the streets of Venice, you can always check for goods with this trademark, or if you would like a more convenient option of online shopping, is a website that carries the Trademark of Originality and a website that has a vast collection of Murano figures.

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