The Hampton, Hong Kong / by Steve Leung

Interior Design Maven Steve Leung Brings in Haute Couture Concept to Luxury Living
Creating unique designed apartments for The Hampton

Press Release (HONG KONG – 27 September, 2011)

Steve Leung, renowned international architect and interior designer, breaks new ground with his latest innovation in property development taking his cue from the fashion concept, haute couture. The first residences to be designed under this new expression of luxury, is The Hampton, located in the leafy residential setting of Happy Valley, Hong Kong. This exceptional portfolio of apartments boasts distinct designs for each of the eleven individual units – much like the haute couture concept from which Steve takes his inspiration from.

Haute Couture, the pinnacle of high fashion, originated from the world’s leading and prestigious fashion houses of France. The expression describes the exclusive, made to measure pieces that premiere designers would create for their elite customers – of which, only several pieces would be created for their clients on an annual basis. Combining the best materials and craftsmanship, haute couture pieces are both highly sought after and extremely rare. Staying true to this spirit of exclusivity, The Hampton offers just eleven luxuriously fitted out and designed residential units. Showcasing the ultimate in luxurious lifestyles, The Hampton is equipped with meticulous architecture, interior design, furniture and boutique furnishings as well as different themes and styles for each 2,500sqft. plus apartments.

Unit 3A – Contemporary Focus
Upon entering Unit 3A, an air of minimalism and vogue is tangible. This unit has been designed based on elegant yet stylish casual wear, with cream and dark black colour tones, illustrating vivid contrasts and revealing elegant stylishness at once. The spacious living room is decorated delicately and tersely, featuring white oak walls and white travertine floors.

The centre area of the living room has been enhanced by a light grey Poliform sofa, white Foscarini floor lamp and black B&B Italia chair. Extending from the living to dining room, the floor-to-ceiling windows allow the warmth of the sunlight to penetrate into the room, giving a sense of coziness. A black and white B&B Italia rectangular dining table and Poliform dining chairs in the dining room help to bring an atmosphere of stylishness. The kitchen is equipped with Varenna cupboards and Miele kitchenware, while the door employs a grey single-sided driving mirror, giving a sense of visual standardization and providing flexibility should the proprietors wish to convert the open kitchen to allow for more intimate communication with guests while cooking.

The Hampton, Hong Kong / by Steve Leung

One arrives at the family living room which is located several steps across from the sumptuous bar. The black and white tree shadow themed wall behind the warm grey sofa is furnished with a black dotted graphic carpet and B&B Italia leather tea table, filling the room with rich visual effect and warmth. The family room is practically designed as a transformable space which can be turned into a multi-function room that is adjoined to the living room once the door is opened. Once the door is closed however, the room can be easily transformed into a sizable guest room.

Located next to the family room, the master suite features textured white oak, complemented by the pure white themed wall. A Poliform master bed and wardrobe creates an anchor in the room, which is bordered by an elegant and warm space helping to articulate the proprietor’s taste. The eclectic black Poliform single chair and Karboxx floor lamp next to the master bed gives a shot of vivid colour to the otherwise calm elegance of the space. Walking along the beige marble floor towards the bathroom, the white oak decorated Agape washbasin and hanging cabinets compliments the space design perfectly. Together with the stylish black Steinberg high-end bathroom equipment, the bathroom gives a feeling of comfort and stylishness.

Another two suites are themed with white and black respectively. The white oak themed wall of the white suite is embellished with a grey mirror and black and white painting, together with a room peppered with art furnishings, filling the room with a fresh vitality. The black suite employs a black wall featuring the same colour bed and carpet, demonstrating a sharp contrast with the white desk to illustrate stylishness and modernity.

The Hampton, Hong Kong / by Steve Leung

Unit 3B – Modern Elegance
Exemplified by a pure and elegant silver-white colour scheme, set against the backdrop of delicate Italian high-end furniture, this apartment is filled with an elegant and warm ambience, as if inspired by an elegant woman with extraordinary taste.

The spacious living room connected to the dining room features sunlit filled beige maple veneer walls reflecting warmly across marble floors of the same colour tone, to help bring harmony and purity to the atmosphere. With light grey carpet serving as a stage to the Giorgetti sofa and a light brown tea table perched in the middle of the living room, together with the unique Penta and Tom Dixon lamp, the room is filled with a joyous warmth and serenity. The Giorgetti armchair and tea table at the corner allow the householder to reflect on the tranquility of the moment.

Suspended from above, the style of the living room is further extended by the light brown rectangular dining table, while the warm maple wood wall act as a glowing, stylish and carefree backdrop. The kitchen located next to the dining room features a white Varenna cupboard finished with a stainless steel surface and Miele appliances, providing an ultimate cooking experience for keen cooks.

The Hampton, Hong Kong / by Steve Leung

Walking down from the spacious living and dining room, the study area is divided by a glass panel, fully maximizing the sense of space to allow the household to feel the warmth of the sunshine while working. The bedroom next to the study features light grey textured walls and velvet decorated with maple veneer frames, together with a white Giorgetti master bed, light brown wooden bedside cabinet, elegant warm grey and light brown colour tone furniture, giving a sense of delicacy, stylishness and extravagance. The brown Giorgetti velvet armchair next to the bed adds a homey touch to the room with its accessible modernity. In the master bathroom, a white marble washbasin and mirror cabinet, together with top of the line sanitary ware, gives the bathroom timeless appeal.

Another two suites are themed with white and grey colours respectively. The white imitation leather wall in the white suite is embellished with grey mirrors and black and white paintings, offset by the calming greenery outdoors, combined, fills the room with a calming sense of style. The grey suite employs a light brown wall to compliment the bed at the front, adding a nurturing and carefree feeling to this elegant space.


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