The Footbridge: A Nature-Inspired Architectural Marvel

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Project Data

Project: Footbridge

Location: Bolton-Est, Quebec
Architecture: Luc Plante, architecture + design inc
Project team: Design team: Luc Plante, Caroline Desbiens, Kim My Le Quoc
Technical team: Chantal Riendeau, workshop manager, Miriam Anctil

Engineer: Groupe A.S.M, Aldrin Sapunariu
Contractor: Entreprise Mathieu Ostiguy inc.
Photographer: Annie Fafard
Project start date: June 2020
Project end date: 2022

Area of the site: 783 m2
Constructed area: 192 m2,included 27.5 m2 gazebo

The Vision of Luc Plante architecture + design

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscape of Estrie region in Quebec’s Eastern Townships, The Footbridge is a testament to the creative genius of Luc Plante architecture + design. This primary residence, born from the vision of two passionate designers and outdoor enthusiasts, harmoniously blends architecture with nature, resulting in an architectural marvel that captivates the soul.

A Dance of Architecture and Nature

The architects embarked on an exciting journey by immersing themselves in the topography of the land. The steep curves of the terrain became their muse, giving birth to a structure characterized by bold lines and daring volumes. The building, located on a small plateau between two rocky massifs, deliberately maintains the natural integrity of the forested surroundings. This conscious decision ensures minimal disruption to the landscape and offers breathtaking vistas of the countryside.

Interior Harmony with Nature

The interior of The Footbridge is a tranquil sanctuary bathed in natural light and enveloped in neutral tones. Every room within this family home has been meticulously planned to maximize its connection with the natural environment outside. The three-story residence seamlessly connects to the lush forest, thanks to a built-in gazebo and a footbridge that blurs the boundary between indoors and outdoors. To break the imposing height of the building, materials change from one level to the next, adding to its visual appeal.

A Symphony of Design and Environment

The third floor of The Footbridge is where design and nature merge harmoniously. Elevated above the bedrock, the living areas seem to extend into the embrace of the mountains. Each side of the house offers a unique perspective; facing east, it appears to be nestled high among the trees, while facing west, it connects with the ground level.

Inside, the design remains unobtrusive, allowing the natural environment to take center stage. The combination of natural wood and sheet metal creates a contemporary, bright interior. Strategically placed windows ensure that the outdoor surroundings remain a focal point, blurring the lines between inside and out.

The third storey forms a mezzanine, supported by exposed-wood beams and an expansive wooden floor. This level defines the kitchen space with a strong horizontal gesture. Outside the windows, ski hills provide a striking backdrop to the office space, connecting inhabitants with the natural world. The mezzanine’s flexible design even allows for the creation of additional bedrooms and a family room when needed.


The Footbridge is not just a residence; it’s a symphony of architectural brilliance and the natural world. Luc Plante architecture + design has created a masterpiece that seamlessly integrates with its surroundings while offering a harmonious living space. The Footbridge stands as a testament to the power of visionary architecture in perfect harmony with nature.

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