The Benefits Of Water Filtration In Your Home

Does your home have hard water? Have you noticed the water’s quality has been going down the drain lately? It may be time to invest in water filtration. Fortunately, there are many ways to enjoy filtered water from your tap. Before making a change, however, you should assess the system for potential plumbing issues.

It could be that the water softener needs maintenance, or you have the water pressure set incorrectly. At times, when there is an increase in pressure within your home’s pipes and water mains, it can lead to temporarily discolored water. On the other hand, low pressure — possibly caused by a clog — can promote the growth of mold or even allow the water to backflow, introducing contaminants along the way. Be sure to check your pressure if you notice a change in quality and keep it at the recommended setting of 60 PSI.

Besides maintaining the condition of your water, there are several ways you could try to improve it. If you don’t have one, consider putting in a water softener. There are also other methods of filtration you can consider. From keeping a filtered water pitcher in the fridge to installing a whole-house filtration system, homeowners have many options when it comes to upgrading water quality.

Plus, there are many benefits to incorporating water filtration. For starters, your household could enjoy safer drinking water since it removes pollutants like heavy metals, which can have serious health consequences. Other, less hazardous metals, such as limescale, are also removed, helping to improve taste and protect your pipes and appliances.

Water filtration can also save you money. When the water from your tap is tasty and safe, you won’t need to buy bottled water, which has a hefty price on your budget as well as the environment.

Want to learn more about water filtration? Check out the accompanying resource for more information.

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