The Apiary: A Buzzing New Co-Living Space in Ealing

In the heart of Ealing, a new co-living space has emerged, catering to young professionals looking for a stylish and convenient place to call home. The Apiary, designed by Ekho Studio, is an 81-unit development that perfectly blends functionality, aesthetics, and community. Let’s take a closer look at this exciting project and what makes it stand out in the bustling urban landscape of Ealing.

Smart Urban Infill in a Prime Location

The Apiary is an excellent example of urban infill, utilizing a previously underused space near Ealing Broadway station. Its location is a significant selling point, offering residents easy access to public transport, making commutes into central London a breeze. The slim-profile new-build block, clad in pale grey brickwork, creates a modern yet understated presence that complements its urban surroundings.

Thoughtfully Designed Common Areas

Ekho Studio has put a lot of thought into the common areas of The Apiary, ensuring they cater to the needs of modern young professionals. The ground floor features an inviting entrance area with digital parcel lockers and a communal laundry space. A standout feature is the social amenity space, which includes a relaxed lounge, a social table for group interactions, individual work desks, and a glazed meeting room with a central round table for collaborative sessions.

On the first and fourth floors, supper club areas equipped with larder kitchens and dining tables for small groups provide a perfect setting for social gatherings and communal dining. The ninth floor boasts a multifunctional event space with a screen, bar, and access to a spacious roof terrace, ideal for both professional events and casual get-togethers.

Elegant and Functional Studio Interiors

The 81 studio apartments at The Apiary are designed with a focus on comfort and style. Each studio features a neutral and soft color palette with soft taupes and light floor finishes. The standout design element is the fluted bed headboards upholstered in Panaz fabric, which extend across a whole wall and integrate a desk unit, creating a seamless and functional living space.

Storage solutions are well-thought-out, with under-bed storage and high-level shelving units that maximize space. The studios are furnished with pieces that strike a balance between sophistication and homeliness, ensuring that residents feel comfortable and at ease in their new homes.

Stylish Furnishings and Finishing Touches

The furniture throughout The Apiary is supplied by The Furniture Practice and includes carefully selected pieces that enhance the overall aesthetic. The ground floor amenity space features furniture from brands like &Tradition, Rawside, and M.A.D., with an emphasis on natural materials and elegant designs. The lounge area is furnished with striking moss green seating from Sancal and Atelier, while the dining and work areas feature high-quality, durable pieces that cater to the demands of daily use.

The walls throughout the common areas are painted in a soothing dove grey, with feature blue walls that provide a backdrop for carefully curated art pieces. The lighting is warm and adaptable, ensuring that spaces can transition smoothly from daytime use to evening events. Additionally, the amenity spaces are adorned with ample planting, adding a touch of nature to the urban setting and enhancing the overall ambiance.


The Apiary in Ealing is a testament to Ekho Studio’s ability to create functional, stylish, and community-oriented living spaces. By combining thoughtful design, high-quality furnishings, and a prime location, The Apiary offers young professionals a perfect blend of convenience and comfort. Whether you’re looking for a place to work, socialize, or relax, The Apiary provides a welcoming environment that meets the needs of modern urban living. Learn more about co-living spaces on Wikipedia.

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