The 5 Best Places to Live in Florida

Florida is known for its attractive tourism, stunning coastal stretches, fine beaches, and beautiful scenery. Alongside this, the Sunshine State has plenty of diversity strewing its streets, delicious food, and an absence of state income tax, making Florida an attractive place to live. Whether you’re searching for a relaxing retirement or starting a family, there’s something for everyone in Florida. With this in mind, we’ve gathered together the five best places to live in Florida.


If you’re a fan of the artsier vibe and enjoy good food, Sarasota is the perfect state for you. Typically, people move to Sarasota because of its quirky allure. The metropolitan area of Sarasota is home to more than 800,000 people and is stacked full of terrace bars, stunning beach destinations, and the notable Siesta Key.


Orlando is a different beast that’s split up into sections. When people say they’re visiting Orlando, the question isn’t clear-cut. You have the Orange County seat, downtown Orlando, and a central hub for restaurants, live music, game celebrations, and nightclubs. Then, you have residential Orlando, which has been developed into a stunning city. Finally, you will find the recognizable Orlando, which is renowned for its theme parks.

When you combine all of the elements of Orlando, you have a destination that’s perfect for fun, living, and business. For the residents, the theme parks are a stamp of pride – and are a hot topic of conversation when traveling out of state. Getting set up in Orlando couldn’t be simpler, just get in touch with the Avalon Realty Group, who are Real Estate Avalon Park FL experts that add ease into moving.


Melbourne is one of the most popular destinations along the Space Coast, and with good reason. When the sky is clear, there’s plenty of movement to be seen from Cape Canaveral, as cargo spacecraft leave for the International Space Station. The outer space movement isn’t the only attractive feature of Melbourne, with plenty of shops, restaurants, and museums to take in. Additionally, the Indian River Lagoon grants easy access to countless water-based activities.


Naples is located in Collier County, which is snuck between the Gulf of Mexico and the Everglades. The hot climate, stunning scenery, shopping malls, and miles of golf courses have turned Naples into the perfect retirement destination. Despite this, if you travel to the nearby cities of Miami and Tampa, you’ll find streets bustling with all ages and cultures.


Tampa takes the beachside lifestyle and blends it with metropolitan living, which makes it an attractive destination. The Tampa Bay area is split into three very unique cities including Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Tampa. You could say that living in Tampa is like having a permanent vacation, and you’ll never grow tired of it.

Florida benefits from glorious weather, stunning beaches, plenty of culture, and unique metropolitan areas, which makes it a great destination to move into. Choosing where to live in Florida will be tricky, but it will ultimately come down to personal preferences and needs.

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