The 2007 winner of the Pritzker Prize: Richard Rogers

Richard Rogers
(Photo: Richard Rogers/right, Credit: NYTimes)

Being popular since his unique Pompidou Center in 1977, 30 years later Richard Rogers wins 2007 Pritzker Prize. As reported by NYTime back in March 2007, Pritzker jury saluted Mr. Rogers for his “unique interpretation of the Modern Movement’s fascination with the building as machine, an interest in architectural clarity and transparency, the integration of public and private spaces, and a commitment to flexible floor plans that respond to the ever-changing demands of users.”

Now he is 73 years old, and i appreciated most with his words “I don’t believe in the ownership of work”. His company specifiying that the directors get no more than six times the salary of the lowest-paid architect, and the rest of the money going to profit-sharing, charities or investment. What a word.

Georges Pompidou Center
(Photo: Pompidou Cente, Paris. Credit: NYTimes)

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