Tengda Center Roof Garden – A Cubism Wonderland

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Project Information

Project name: Tengda Center Roof Garden
Project type: Exhibition hall, Mixed Use
Project address: 34th floor, Tengda Center, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province
Client: Taizhou Tengda Construction Group
Designer: TALES Creative
Project Design: 2021
Year of completion: 2022

Indoor area: 1132?
ArchitectureHeight (Max): 15m
Total Budget (RMB?: 450
Photography copyright: Studio SZ
Materials: Ceramic tile, microcement, terrazzo, paint, stained glass

Tengda Center, a remarkable high-rise structure in Taizhou, China, is more than just a building; it’s a testament to architectural ingenuity and artistic vision. Inspired by the osmanthus flower’s structural beauty and the principles of Cubism, this iconic landmark redefines urban living spaces. Join us on a journey through Tengda Center’s Roof Garden, where art, design, and nature harmoniously converge.

Design Concept – The Marriage of Nature and Art

Area 1 – Leisure Garden

The Roof Garden unfolds like a masterpiece, weaving together elements inspired by nature and art. The Leisure Garden beckons visitors to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings, invoking the spirit of Cubism with vibrant colors and shapes that mirror the world’s rich diversity.

Area 2 – Forum Valley

The Forum Valley transports you to the countryside, its form resembling the valleys of nature. Here, you can immerse yourself in a creative oasis, reminiscent of Georges Braque’s “Castle at La Roche-Guyon,” where light and shadow dance in unison, providing a perfect setting for relaxation and socializing.

Area 3 – Exhibition Space

The Exhibition Space, influenced by Juan Gris’s “Violin and Guitar,” displays architectural artistry through geometric forms and colors. Transparent frames offer a glimpse into the future, inspiring visitors to explore the possibilities of imagination.

Area 4 – Hidden Tea Room

High above the garden, the Hidden Tea Room invites you to experience serenity and inner peace, mirroring Picasso’s “Jacqueline with Flowers.” Amidst the lush greenery, you can find tranquility and mindfulness, a moment of quietude.

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Art in Every Corner

As you journey through the rooftop garden, you’ll find artistry in every corner.

A-Entrance Hallway

The Entrance Hallway, inspired by Georges Braque’s “Little Harbor in Normandy,” encapsulates the entrepreneurial spirit of Tengda Enterprises. The sculpted staircase and hanging acrylic chandeliers symbolize Tengda’s journey through the unpredictable marketplace, striving for excellence.


The Courtyard reflects Marc Chagall’s “I and the Village,” merging nature and abstraction. With a combination of vivid colors and creative furniture forms, it provides an enchanting visual experience.

C-ZEN Yoga

In the Yoga Area, inspired by Picasso’s “Jacqueline with Flowers,” you can find tranquility among the plants. Here, you can experience the serenity and grace of a dignified character.

D-Garden Cafe

The Garden Café’s ambiance, reminiscent of Georges Braque’s “Fruit Dish and Glass,” offers a unique aesthetic refinement. Fresh beverages and snacks, set against a backdrop of tropical plants and city views, create a delightful sensory experience.

E-Roof Bar

The Roof Bar radiates warmth and charm, evoking the essence of wheat fields ready for harvest. The curved, deep green resin wall and polished brass accents create an atmosphere reminiscent of Braque’s “Houses at l’Estaque.”

Artistic Highlights

Tengda Center’s rooftop garden is not just a space; it’s a sensory journey. The combination of colors, textures, and atmospheric changes reflects the company’s motto, “Imagining a better life.” These vibrant, creative spaces embody the diversity of human aspiration and the pursuit of a brighter future.


Tengda Center’s Roof Garden is a Cubism Wonderland, an architectural masterpiece where art, nature, and design intersect. The design concept draws inspiration from the greatest Cubist artists, infusing each area with unique character and charm. This rooftop oasis is more than a garden; it’s a celebration of creativity and the human spirit. Explore Tengda Center’s Roof Garden and immerse yourself in a world where imagination knows no bounds.

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