Tenant screening: Here are the qualities that you must look for!

Do you know what the housing trends in Calabasas, the famous city in Los Angeles are? The home prices here in march 2021 have surged up to 40.3% compared to last year. That means people are looking forward to rental properties in this area. But how to find an ideal tenant for yours? Let us dig further!

Honestly, the process of tenant screening is not easy. But if you think about the bottom line, the process won’t seem much complicated either. For instance, with the right tenant for your property, you won’t have to worry about late payments, property damage, etc.

However, if you don’t know how to get started, here are the list of qualities you must look for.

A good credit score is important – A good credit score will indirectly indicate whether the tenant pays his/her bills on time. The score varies from credit bureaus, but generally, a good credit score ranges between 670-780. The highest possible score is 800. Additionally, inspect their criminal and eviction history. If it is clear, then you can be worry-free from any potential harms to your beloved property. For this, you need to run a perfect background check. It will clarify all your doubts about the applicant’s employment, rental history, etc.

Shows Accountability – Money is not the sole reason to let someone walk into your place. Make sure the person is responsible enough to keep the place maintained. For instance – keeping the place clean and in its pristine condition should be something that you should not worry about once they enter your abode.

Moreover, he/she must be proactive enough to alert the providers or the owners in case any potential issues arise that you must be aware of. As per Calabasas Property management, an occupant should be someone who treats your place as if it is theirs.

Has all the necessary documents ready – If any applicant is sending their documents like a rental resume, letters of references to you within 1-2 days of your asking, there is highly likely that they are worthy. The faster they send their documents, the better it is for you.

For this, set a date and update them to send the documents within this time period only. It reflects their seriousness to sign the lease documents.

Being honest is their primary attribute – An ideal tenant depicts honesty. If the landlord is lenient, he/she does not take advantage of that. In a few cases, whenever they are not able to pay the dues/rent, they will inform you in advance. Further, if by chance they happen to damage the property, they will accept that thing and pay for the repairs, whatever the amount is.

To sum it all up

Tenant screening is not demanding as it seems to be. However, you must pay attention to some of the aspects mentioned above. The field of real estate is very wide. You don’t want to get bothered by the occupants who fail to deliver the results, right? So screen them wisely or hire someone to do the task for you.

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