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Cadillac House, Shanghai, China / Gensler,

Cadillac and Gensler had bequeathed Cadillac House a name they had made noble and honoured. Built in Shanghai, China, Cadillac House is a perfectly fashionable match to this glorious city. Cadillac House would rather be regarded as a showroom for…

WSP ARCHITECTS / Design Company Profile

WSP is an international innovation-oriented creative architectural design institute with Class A architectural design qualification. It is also one of top 10 international architectural design institutes in China and the first-class brand in the architectural design in China.

Jian Li Ju Theatre, Shanghai / by MDO

The Jianliju theatre company, in an interesting examination of typology, offers a unique spectator experience where the audience plays an integral part of the performances and productions. As such the brief for their new premises in Shanghai demands a careful…