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Blub Lounge Club / Elia Felices Interiorismo

BLUB LOUNGE CLUB / Elia Felices Interiorismo

© Rafael Vargas Elia Felices Interiorismo launches its lastest project Blub Lounge Club. DESCRIPTIVE MEMORY A space with capacity to combine evening dining with music and a discotheque. The lighting, shapes, colours, furniture and the space itself create the experience…

la Cova NightClub by Elia Felice

La Cova. Dance Theatre, Mataró by Elia Felice
La Cova. Dance Theatre, located in Mataró, near Barcelona, is a nightclub with a total area of 500m2. It is equipped with variable lighting, furniture designed exclusively by the studio, and forms and colours that replicate ice caverns. A landscape of this type in the middle of the city causes a great impact.

Toyshop “El Conte de la Pilar” by Elia Felices

Toyshop Pilar s story El conte de la Pilar

Description of Toyshop “Pilar’s story” (El conte de la Pilar) by Elia Felices: “Pilar’s story, located in Mataró (Barcelona), is a retail outlet for all kinds of articles for children – it is a new kind of toyshop. Covering an…