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Quinta SC, Portugal by dEMM arquitectura

Quinta SC by dEMM arquitectura

Project description of Quinta SC by dEMM arquitectura: The conversion of the nineteenth century parochial house required an approach to current demands of comfort, which led to a reformulation of the living areas, creating a new functional distribution. Integrating the…

Living Famalicão, Portugal by dEMM arquitectura

dEMM living Famalicao by dEMM arquitectura, Isabela Neves

Project description of Living Famalicão, Portugal by dEMM arquitectura: Living Famalicão is located on a traditionally commercial street in the North Portugal small town of Famalicão. As a consolidated urban area, the facade is brought to the plot limit, reinforcing…

Living Foz Apartment Building by dEMM arquitectura

Living Foz apartment building by dEMM arquitectura

Description Living Foz apartment building by dEMM arquitectura: Located nearby Oporto’s seaside area, Living Foz is composed by 40 apartments distributed over 7 floors. Unleashing 30 percent of the plot area for a collective use garden, a relief to the…