T Residence by Kidosaki Architects Studio

T-Residence by Kidosaki Architects Studio

Description of The Project:
The owner moved to overseas for education of children since 20 years before. The owner’s job is creator, therefore he comes and goes between Japan and overseas for collect data. With children growth, he started to think come back to Japan in someday then he decided to plan new base place at the site where he was living until 20 years ago.

The owner has deep knowledge at various field and particular to anything, so of course he had own ideas for architecture too.
He requested the house should be calm space, not using inorganic materials like steel and concrete as possible, and substantial house which not make a display of eccentricity.

At the location overlooks the Pacific, I pursued two opposite qualities-stability and a sense of security rooted in the ground, and a dynamic feeling of floating which is achieved by pushing the house out toward the ocean above the sloping site. Great many big pile of eaves protect the house from sea breeze, rain, and sunlight. Also the eaves unify all figure beautifully by sharp fine eaves detail.

Back of eaves have feel of red ceder softness. The “view” through intermediate region formed by the eaves, will be made put to picture flame of “scenery”. Careful choice of material, pursuit of righteous details that are derived through mastication of elements, and uncompromising elaboration on-site all account for the enhanced quality of architecture.

I believe that the ensemble would give birth to a moderate level of tension, balance between the delicate and the massive, and accumulation of exquisite senses of scale, that add a touch of grace to the architecture and create a space of comfort through harmony with nature.

After the house completed, I felt great pleasure when I heard about the owner thinking to come back to Japan because he felt comfortable in his new house. I was relieved that I could offer the architecture which convinced the owner who has particular. I wish this architecture as new create activity place will bring more works.

-Project title: T Residence
-Location: Japan
-Architects: Kidosaki Architects Studio – Hirotaka Kidosaki, principal-in-charge; Masato Nakano, project team
-Photographer: 45g Photography-Junji Kojima
-Completion date: September 2009
-Site area: 875.20m2, Built area: 196.09m2, Total floor area: 372.89m2

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