t House: Seamless Nature-Infused Architecture in LA

Technical sheet

Project Name: t House
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Architect: ANX / Aaron Neubert Architects
Interiors: ANX / Aaron Neubert Architects
Landscape: LPO
Structural Engineers: Craig Phillips Engineering
MEP Engineer: Hariton Engineering
Civil Engineer: Peter Shirley Engineering
General Contractor: Providence Construction
Photographer: Paul Vu/HANA

Perched atop the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles, the t House by Aaron Neubert Architects is a remarkable testament to innovative architecture that seamlessly connects the earthly landscape with the vast sky. This biophilic residence not only captures breathtaking views of the San Fernando Valley, Griffith Park, and the iconic Hollywood Sign, but it also redefines the concept of hillside developments in Southern California.

Embracing Nature Through Design

The t House is more than just a residence; it’s a masterpiece that integrates effortlessly with its natural surroundings. As a blogger who values architectural marvels, you’ll find the t House to be a prime example of how thoughtful design can harmonize with the environment. The strategic arrangement of descending terraced gardens guides visitors to the glass-enclosed foyer, where a vertical slot window frames a panoramic view that aligns perfectly with Barham Boulevard to the north. This design choice creates a captivating connection between the terrestrial realm and the open sky, immersing residents and guests in the beauty of both.

A Novel Spatial Configuration

The t House gets its name from its unique “t” spatial configuration, a design choice that shapes not only the layout of the home but also the flow of awe-inspiring views. Telescoping glass doors spanning the width of the house capture the panoramic horizontal views of the nearby mountains. This seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces allows residents to appreciate nature’s grandeur from every corner of the residence. Whether you’re lounging by the pool, working in the office, or enjoying a meal in the dining room, the captivating landscape is always within sight.

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Unity in Design and Purpose

The t House is a multi-level masterpiece that unites its spaces through a vertical slot window and an adjacent void, fostering visual and aural connections. The middle level hosts a range of semi-autonomous spaces, including the entry, living room, kitchen, dining room, lounge, and office. Downstairs, a guest suite and an entertainment area open up to the pool, terrace, and lawn, creating a perfect setting for relaxation and socializing. The upper level, accommodating bedrooms, laundry, and the garage, ensures practical functionality for everyday living.

Aesthetic Harmony with Nature

The external facade of the t House is clad in sustainably sourced charcoal-stained cedar siding and hand-pressed terracotta bricks. These materials weather gracefully over time, seamlessly integrating the structure with its environment. Inside, exposed Douglas fir beams, wide-plank oak and natural limestone flooring, plaster walls, rift-sawn oak cabinetry, and dark bronze-finished windows and interior railings further emphasize the harmony between the architecture and the natural world.

Sustainability as a Core Principle

As a blogger with a keen interest in sustainable living, I appreciate the t House‘s commitment to environmental consciousness. Drought-tolerant plants thoughtfully curated for the region’s arid climate reduce water consumption and promote local biodiversity. Sustainable materials and elements not only enhance the home’s aesthetics but also minimize its ecological footprint. The incorporation of a rainwater harvesting system underscores the project’s water resource conservation efforts, showcasing how responsible design can coexist harmoniously with nature.

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A Model for Responsible Hillside Developments

The t House goes beyond being a mere residence; it sets an example for responsible hillside developments in Southern California. Its contemporary design seamlessly blends with the natural world, offering inhabitants an exceptional living experience. As a blogger, you’ll find the t House to be an inviting retreat that demonstrates the possibilities of harmonizing architecture with nature while embodying a genuine appreciation for the environment.


The t House by Aaron Neubert Architects stands as a testament to the fusion of architectural brilliance and the natural landscape. Its innovative design, seamless integration with the environment, and commitment to sustainability make it a landmark not only in Los Angeles but in the world of architecture as well. As a blogger who appreciates the intricate balance between design and nature, I found the t House to be an endless source of inspiration and a shining example of responsible and captivating hillside living.

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