StudioAC’s Lawrence Park: Architectural Elegance

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Project Data

Completion: 2023
Architect: StudioAC
StudioAC Team: Mo Soroor, Jennifer Kudlats, Andrew Hill, Sarah Reid
Structural engineering: Honeycomb
Construction management: Whitaker Construction
Photos: Doublespace Photography

The Architect’s Vision

Lawrence Park Residence, nestled in the serene tree-lined neighborhood of Lawrence Park in Toronto, Canada, is a testament to the visionary prowess of StudioAC. This architectural gem seamlessly blends function with form, catering to the evolving needs of a growing family while maintaining a refined and minimalistic aesthetic.

Navigating Architectural Complexity

The Lawrence Park Residence is a paradoxical masterpiece, gracefully navigating the multifaceted demands of modern architecture. It addresses questions that seem contradictory at first glance. How can a floor plan exude openness and transparency while retaining a distinct spatial identity? How can a facade conceal interiors while maximizing natural light?

A Stoic Facade with a Twist

At first glance, the front facade appears stoic, cloaked in grey brick and limestone that stretches across the southern face. Yet, a closer look reveals the artistry in its systematic placement of openings. The entryway welcomes you into an intimate living space, cleverly concealing the open floor plan at the rear of the house. This space is adorned with tall, narrow windows, creating a delightful interplay between the solid brick facade and fleeting glimpses of transparency.

Embracing Light and Identity

Beyond the initial facade lies a double-height space, a central element that both invites a winding staircase and bathes the kitchen in natural light. This space connects seamlessly to the living area at the rear, creating an exterior haven that bridges the gap between living and dining spaces. It fosters a harmonious relationship between these areas while maintaining their distinct identities. This exterior harbor introduces an expanse of west-facing windows, transforming an otherwise north-facing facade and inviting the warm embrace of evening light into the heart of the home.


Lawrence Park Residence, a creation of StudioAC, is a celebration of architectural contrasts. From its stoic front facade that conceals and reveals in equal measure to the playful and articulated rear, this residence is a testament to the architects’ ability to harmonize opposing elements. It stands as a striking example of modern design that cherishes both functionality and aesthetic appeal. The Lawrence Park Residence is a bold statement in the world of architecture, pushing boundaries and redefining what a home can be.

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