StudioAC Unveils Pharmacy Lab: Innovative Design in Toronto’s East End

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StudioAC, a renowned architectural firm, has recently revealed its latest project, the Pharmacy Lab, located in Toronto’s vibrant East End. This innovative compounding pharmacy aims to seamlessly integrate retail and pharmaceutical services within its modern and visually striking design. With a focus on architectural elements and a meticulous attention to detail, StudioAC has created a space that not only meets functional requirements but also captivates customers with its unique aesthetics.

Architectural Excellence

At the heart of the Pharmacy Lab’s design lies the striking rib arches that span from the perimeters of the retail space, transforming it into a focal point. StudioAC’s visionary approach celebrates this architectural element by duplicating and rotating the arches, creating an implied sculptural dome that can be appreciated both from the streetscape and within the building. The incorporation of these arches demonstrates the firm’s commitment to pushing creative boundaries and reimagining traditional design concepts.

Aesthetics and Materiality

StudioAC has employed a monochromatic palette that accentuates the interplay of textures through carefully selected materials. The use of mosaic tile throughout the space establishes a consistent aesthetic language, emphasizing geometric patterns and complementing the structural lines of the arches. The tile seamlessly extends from the face of the arches to the floor, establishing a visual continuity that defines different zones within the compact retail area. Furthermore, a custom lighting fixture, expertly integrated into the center of the space, enhances the three-dimensional effect of the arches, creating a visually captivating experience for visitors.

Customer-Centric Design

The Pharmacy Lab‘s design not only prioritizes aesthetics but also focuses on enhancing the overall customer experience. Thoughtful consideration has been given to the placement of shelving and display units, ensuring easy access to products while maintaining an organized and minimalist environment. StudioAC’s attention to detail and commitment to functionality create an inviting atmosphere where customers feel at ease while browsing and seeking assistance.


StudioAC’s Pharmacy Lab in Toronto’s East End showcases the firm’s innovative architectural approach and meticulous attention to detail. By seamlessly blending retail and pharmaceutical services, this compounding pharmacy presents an aesthetically pleasing environment that not only attracts customers but also prioritizes their comfort and convenience. With its captivating rib arches, monochromatic palette, and careful consideration of spatial design, the Pharmacy Lab stands as a testament to StudioAC’s commitment to creating inspiring spaces that elevate the human experience.

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Technical sheet

Completion: 2023
Architect: StudioAC
StudioAC Team: Sarah Reid, Jennifer Kudlats, Andrew Hill
Lighting: Anony
Photos: Jeremie Warshafsky Photography

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