Studio Apartment in Center of Reykjavik by Gudmundur Jonsson Architect

Project description ‘Total Renovation of a Studio Apartment in Center of Reykjavikof‘ by Gudmundur Jonsson Architect:
The apartment is from 1939 and needed a total renovation. The Client (beeing the Architect himself) needed a convenient and representative studioapartment in center of Reykjavik due to visits and work in Iceland, the Architects office beeing in Oslo, Norway.

Beeing just one appartement at each floor gave an excellant opportunity to incorporate a small and unuseful balcony (attached to the stairwell) as a new entrance to the apartment. This gave a clearer and better utility and planning solution for the apartment

Almost all walls were torned down, even the supporting walls, and were replaced with beams. This made the apartment open and giving light and view from two sides. The windows in the front facing the church-square where enlarged giving french-balcony and a glazed bay-window even with glassfloor and a glazed top. This acts also as a glazed balcony when needed. To enlarge the apartment and giving harmony, the colour of white was chosen, both at walls, furniture and closets. the closets having finish with glossy car-varnish giving a reflection and contribution to a feeling of a bigger space.

One of the longitudinal bathroom walls is totally covered with mirrors, both the wall and the closets. The division between the bedrom and the livingroom is in sandblasted acrylic sliding-elements to give light and translucence to the appartment

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