Stosa Allegra Kitchens: The New Kitchen Model Aleve Allegra

Stosa Kitchens presents Aleve Allegra, the uniqe design by Adriani & Rossi. It is a project that is part of the collection as an extension Allegra which is already characterized by the overall cleanliness of the different compositions due to the leaf with the inclusion of the groove handle that ensures linearity uncompromisingly. Additionally, the system is modern and functional; Aleve Allegra interprets the casual and friendly atmosphere, thanks to the bench in metal lead-colored or colored rope, matching it with a quality and firm dining table combined by elm wood.


Aleve Allegra is the new project that forms the rationalism and formal simplicity of its dominant notes: it is a blend of the warmth of the modules in elm finish and style of mercury glass mat lead. The doors of the columns and wall units are in fact made with a durable coating in satin glass, also available on the eclectic collection, matching the rolled series program and more than 30 colors just in time.

The geometric lines and flexibility of the composition combine the lightness of the overall proposal, thanks to the modules which are fully suspended with different alternating volumes. It can be characterised as a solution from a practical side, allowing you to easily reach every corner of the kitchen and the other trend is that you can create a new style whenever you want.
The finishes are also emphasized by the midway lights and the side comet, with LED lights – it available in both vertical and horizontal positions and in different colors – for the play of light that define the high-tech spirit of the proposal. Aleve Allegra, in addition to finishing Olmo Mercury is available in Clay, Professional, Canvas and Olmo Crystal versions.

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