South Hill House: A Harmonious Blend of Historic and Modern

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Toronto’s South Hill House has undergone a stunning renovation, restoration, and addition to its older brick home. The project, led by architecture firm StudioAC, carefully considered the existing structure when making alterations to both the interior and exterior. The new addition features contemporary details, larger open spaces, and modernist massing, providing a contrast to the original brick home.

Local zoning regulations influenced the siting of the project, but the new addition was designed to celebrate the different periods of construction while utilizing a brick that matched the existing house. Across the façade of the original house, built openings were respected and referenced in the interior layouts. Expansive panoramic openings were used in the addition to bring in natural light and expand the perspective across the leafy, tree-filled neighborhood.

The interior features a minimalist pallet of wood floors and white walls to maintain the play of light throughout the project, which changes as the sun tracks across the property. Subtle accent materials such as stone at fireplaces, steel at kitchen islands, and a fashion-boutique-inspired pallet within the closet were introduced where a more robust approach was required.

The project was completed in 2022, and the StudioAC team included Mo Soroor, Yu Chu Su, Jennifer Kudlats, and Andrew Hill. Structural engineering was provided by GABRIS Associates, and construction management was handled by Gozlan Vouriot & Co. Millwork was provided by Cabinetlab, and Jeremie Warshafsky Photography captured stunning images of the finished project.

In addition to the stunning interior design and attention to the existing structure, the South Hill House also boasts a beautifully landscaped outdoor space. The lush greenery of the neighborhood is incorporated into the design, creating a harmonious transition from the interior to the exterior.

The entrance to the home is a standout feature, with a foyer space that frames a new whimsical and softer geometry denoted by curved openings, stairs, and double-height spaces. The curved approach creates a visual contrast between the old and new, with existing openings and room divisions remaining rectilinear while new openings in the addition and incisions through the existing structure have softer edges, drawing the eye across, up, and through the project.

The overall design of the South Hill House perfectly balances the historic charm of the original brick home with the modern aesthetic of the new addition. The result is a truly unique and beautiful space that blends seamlessly into the surrounding neighborhood while standing out as a stunning example of contemporary architecture. It is sure to be a source of inspiration for architects, designers, and homeowners alike.

Technical sheet

Completion: 2022
Architect: StudioAC

StudioAC Team: Mo Soroor, Yu Chu Su, Jennifer Kudlats, Andrew Hill
Structural engineering: GABRIS Associates
Construction management: Gozlan Vouriot & Co

Millwork: Cabinetlab
Photos: Jeremie Warshafsky Photography

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