Some Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning

While installing ducted air conditioning may mean a slightly higher initial outlay, such a system cools the entire building and is centrally controlled via a thermostat providing a controlled temperature throughout the property. Ducted air conditioning is a complete solution, which does not intrude on the aesthetics of a room as all the ducting is hidden.

Ducted air conditioning in larger residential homes

Ducted air conditioning units are perfectly suited for large residential properties or split-level homes as the ducts can be easily hidden in the roof space. The ducts provide a comfortable system of cooling that can be easily isolated in specific rooms. In comparison, a two-storey home with individual split system units would need wall units in each room requiring maintenance and installation space. Furthermore, over time the compressors can become noisy and disruptive.

Comprehensive cooling for large spaces

Ducted air conditioning can provide comprehensive cooling of a large home or open space within a few minutes. The efficiency of the centrally controlled thermostat in a ducted system allows users to cool an area easily without having to visit each room to turn on wall units.
Discretely mounted ceiling ducts.

Ducted air conditioning units feature discrete ceiling-mounted ducts that can be set up to blend into the overall look and feel of the décor. This feature gives a home a minimalist design without bulky wall units and control boxes on each wall of the property. Ducts are barely noticeable, and offer householders a less intrusive style.

Whole home solution

Ducted air conditioning offers a holistic building solution, which allows you to cool your property at the touch of a button. There is no need to run to each room whenever you want to adjust the air conditioning. Modern homes are often designed with ducted air conditioning for convenience and simplicity.

Ease of control

Ducted air conditioning systems are controlled with a simple push-button keypad that you can locate conveniently on your property. You can also set a timer to flood the property with cool air at specific times or to turn off when you want. Zoning allows you to isolate cool air in the rooms you are living in and close off rooms that are not being used.

Minimalist look

The ducts and vents are all built into the property leaving only the ceiling ducts and control panel visible, making the system completely unobtrusive.

No noise disturbance

Ducted air conditioning is totally quiet as the master compressor system is situated outside the house and away from the bedrooms, in contrast to the humming noise from split system air conditioning units.

Value for money

For larger homes, the costs of installing individual split system units can’t compete with the costs of a ducted air conditioning unit. Installing ducted air conditioning also adds value when you sell your property. So, if you’re looking for an affordable system to cool your entire home that is easy to use, and allows you to set the perfect temperature everywhere, ducted air conditioning could be for you.

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