Smart Solutions to Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

Did you know that the air inside the home can be more hazardous to your health than the air outside? Unless you take steps to get rid of airborne contaminants in the home, the odds of developing a number of health issues is increased. Fortunately, there are some simple and smart solutions that will minimize the amount of indoor air pollution. Here are some examples to try.

No Smoking Inside

If you smoke, do it outside. Feel free to light up on the patio, in the back yard, or anywhere other than inside the home. The smoke will not have the chance to get into the air ducts or seep into the carpeting or upholstery. Along with ensuring the home smells better, you are also getting rid of one of the most common forms of indoor air pollution.

Deep Clean the Carpets At Least Twice a Year

Even with frequent vacuuming, there are still contaminants lurking in the carpet fibers. Having the carpeting professionally cleaned at least twice a year goes a long way to remove those contaminants. The home will smell fresher because the carpeting is fresher and cleaner.

Change the Air Filters

Set up a schedule and change the air filters on your home heating and cooling system on a regular basis. The frequency varies, but use the system manufacturer’s recommendations as a good place to begin. If you have pets that stay inside most of the time, it makes sense to change the filters more often.

For example, the manufacturer recommends changing the filters once every two months. You have two dogs who are inside much more than they are outside. Consider changing the filters every six weeks instead. That will help reduce pet dander and other contaminants that are floating around in all of your rooms.

Have the Duct System Checked and Cleaned a Minimum of Every Two Years

All sorts of contaminants can build up in duct systems over time. As the forced air passed over and through them, more of the contaminants find their way back into the rooms and ultimately into your lungs. You can avoid this by calling a company like Actron Air and arrange for the ducts to be inspected and cleaned if needed. Have them checked at least every couple of years. If there are signs of residue collecting in the duct system, it won’t take a professional long to get rid of the problem.

Use Craft Supplies in Areas With Plenty of Ventilation

Do you have hobbies that involve using paint, cleaning spirits, and similar products? Make sure that you do your craft work in well-ventilated areas. If it’s not practical to do them on a back patio, at least make sure they are done in a room where you can open all the windows. When possible, use fans to expel the fumes while pulling fresh air in from other windows.

Indoor air pollution does not have to be an issue for you and your family. Using a few common sense solutions will improve the quality of the air in the home and help everyone to remain healthier. Try these tips today and see what happens. You are likely to find the home more inviting as well as a healthier place to live.

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