Simultaneo Hotel Plaza: Mediterranean Oasis in Barcelona

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Strategically nestled in the lively Plaza de España, Hotel Plaza Barcelona is on the brink of an exciting transformation of its ground floor. Designed by the creative minds at EL EQUIPO CREATIVO, the project aims to breathe new life into this space, creating a vibrant gastronomic and cultural haven accessible to the entire city.

Nature’s Embrace

Situated at the foot of the majestic Montjuic Mountain, the city’s sprawling urban park, the design seamlessly blends Montjuic’s natural splendor with the Mediterranean allure. The slope between the entrance and the rear restaurant area forms cascading platforms with organic contours, beckoning guests to explore them—a sensory journey reminiscent of ascending the nearby mountain.

The Enigmatic Bar

These platforms elegantly wind around the circular bar, which serves as a hub of dynamic energy, akin to a captivating roundabout at Plaza de España. The bar’s prominent position and arresting presence lure visitors in. To recreate the ambiance of a garden, the area boasts warm wooden ceilings reminiscent of treetops, while a natural and neutral color palette complements the vibrant green of the ceramic bar.

Lobby of Artistry

The hotel’s reception, discreetly positioned on the initial access level, maintains a peripheral presence. Here, artisanal ceramics take center stage, with three-dimensional pieces crafted exclusively for this project. This design aims to establish a dialogue with the bar counter, capturing the freshness and greenery of Montjuic Park.

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Radiant Restaurant

Ascending further into the project, guests are greeted by a spacious area bathed in the brilliant Mediterranean light, thanks to its new translucent, greenhouse-like roof. Beneath this luminous canopy, a genuine urban garden unfolds. Large planters fill the space with lush greenery and vitality, their organic forms doubling as seating, creating meandering pathways and even a small elevated stage.

Through this meticulous arrangement, various zones and cozy corners are crafted for seating, each ideally suited for specific occasions or times of the day. This thoughtful configuration enables Simultaneo Restaurant to fulfill its multifaceted role as a spacious and adaptable gastronomic and cultural space, accommodating diverse activities from breakfast to evening cocktails, from business meetings to conferences, all within the embrace of nature’s beauty.


Hotel Plaza Barcelona’s Simultaneo project promises to be a breathtaking transformation that seamlessly marries nature and design. With its organic forms, vibrant color palettes, and dynamic spaces, it offers a true Mediterranean oasis in the heart of the city, inviting guests to embark on a sensory journey that transcends the ordinary. Barcelona’s Plaza de España will soon have a new iconic landmark that embodies the spirit of innovation and artistic excellence.

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