Sand-bag House in Cape Town

Sand-bag houses by MMA Architects 3

Designed by MMA Architects the sand-bag houses costs only $8,600 per unit. This works is part of the 10×10 Housing Project in Cape Town, South Africa.

“The bags have now all been packed in for the bottom floor, and the shuttering was made right on the top for the concrete ringbeam, which was cast on Friday,” says project manager Nadya Glawe.

Sand-bag houses by MMA Architects 3



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  1. I like the sand bag house, I can see a lots of places this will fix into..I think, adding solar panels on this, will also do, and a solar water pump will also help the people…thanks, J.Driver, How do I contact Mr. Nadya Glawe, about this project…thanks…

  2. Hi,

    I’ve been reading your website and I think you would be interested in our sandbags.

    We make a bright yellow and blue sandbag that is shaped like a keystone. The shape causes the bags to interlock with each other making incredibly strong walls.

    Can I send you some of our bags to play with? (no charge)


    John Powell