Unveiling RO54: The Epitome of Design Excellence in LA

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Arshia Architects proudly presents RO54, a breathtaking architectural masterpiece nestled in the prestigious Bel Air neighborhood of Los Angeles. With its innovative design concept and meticulous attention to detail, this project seamlessly integrates into the surrounding natural landscape, offering a unique and awe-inspiring residential experience. Combining spatial ingenuity, sustainable features, and a streamlined aesthetic inspired by automotive design, RO54 represents a new benchmark in contemporary architecture.

Design Concept: Harmonizing with Nature

RO54 embraces the concept of reducing massing to ensure proportional integration within the neighborhood while adhering to strict regulations. By replicating the area’s original topography, this hilltop residence elegantly blends with its surroundings. The split-level design follows the natural contours of the hill, forming a dynamic and interconnected space that maximizes functionality and visual appeal.

Architectural Innovation: Aesthetic Excellence

Influenced by streamline automotive design, RO54 showcases concealed performance and a utilitarian approach to materials. The interior palette focuses on all-natural elements, including mica plaster, hardwood flooring, and natural stone, creating a harmonious balance between durability, responsible design, and ambient aesthetics. Every technology within the house is seamlessly integrated to enhance both functionality and visual appeal.

Sustainable Features: Green Building at Its Finest

RO54 surpasses stringent California green building and energy conservation standards, demonstrating a strong commitment to environmental sensitivity. With low-flow plumbing systems, drought-tolerant landscaping, rainwater filtration, photovoltaic integration, and a high-efficiency building envelope, this project sets a new standard for sustainable living. The lower bedrooms, illuminated by daylighting, also double as a rainwater runoff filtration system, showcasing the project’s innovative approach to water management.

Recognitions and Awards: Celebrating Excellence

RO54 has garnered numerous accolades, receiving recognition from prestigious international design competitions. Notable awards include the A Design Award 2023, ACDA – Architecture, Construction & Design Awards 2022, AMP – Architecture Masterprize 2022, and Architect of the Year Awards 2022, among others. These accolades highlight the exceptional design prowess and architectural finesse demonstrated by Arshia Architects.

Collaborative Team: Bringing Vision to Life

The visionary behind RO54 is Arshia Mahmoodi, the Design Principal of Arshia Architects, supported by a talented team of architects and designers, including Xinlei Li, Yuheng Huang, Fang Cui, Ruby Wu, and Zhishan Liu. With their combined expertise and commitment to excellence, this team has successfully brought the design concept to fruition.


RO54 stands as a testament to the harmonious fusion of design and architecture, providing a remarkable living space in the heart of Bel Air, Los Angeles. Arshia Architects’ innovative approach, combined with their focus on sustainability, has created an architectural marvel that transcends expectations. With its seamless integration into the natural landscape, meticulous attention to detail, and numerous international accolades, RO54 represents the pinnacle of contemporary residential design and exemplifies the future of sustainable architecture.

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Technical and Data Sheet

Project Developer: Mike Parsee
Architect: Arshia Architects

Project Address: 1254 Roberto Ln, Bel Air, California USA

Floor Area: 6,774
Site Area: 10,314.8 sf
Site Dimensions :120’x85’
Building Dimensions: 65’x49’
Landscape Area: 6,438.34 sf
Zoning: Residential Estate (RE15-1-H-HCR)
Height: 26ft (max)
Program: New Single-Family Residence.

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