Rio Gallery, Quebec / Nathalie St-Martin

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Known for his eclectic approach, artist, Rio, invites our team into his home, where imagination and design are one. The residence, located in Saint-Sulpice, consents to the vision of the painter aspiring to join living areas and a private art gallery.

As a design enthusiast, the craftsman kept the desire to conceive an aesthetic that would glorify his intrinsic universe. Known for their conceptual approach, architectural technician, Nathalie St-Martin and designer, Stéphanie Bélanger of Rebel Design, have collaborated to make this vision a reality.

Fabelta’s approach to the development of the fenestration systems for the residence was to maximize the openings, while leaving enough wall space to display the many paintings.

The private gallery

The existing gallery on the first floor is composed of large spaces that allow a fluid circulation. The multiple works of art presented are created using unusual techniques, such as gold leafing. The monochromatic decor of the first floor allows the vibrant paintings to capture the attention of the visitors. The large windows offer optimal natural light through their minimalist aluminum frames. These huge openings enable views of a dense green environment, including a lush coniferous garden.

The living areas

The main living areas are occupied by furniture featuring unusual materials. There are also mysterious objects carefully integrated into the space. The design of the dining room makes use of many natural materials, including a massive wooden table and a wall lined with climbing plants, creating a surreal atmosphere. The adjacent kitchen adopts a pure, monochromatic style where black is omnipresent.

Upstairs, we are transported to an immaculate white living room, where a cluster of plants emerges from the corner. This duality with the dark first floor is amplified by the arrangement of black window frames on the first floor, and by white frames on the second.

Technical sheet
Project name: La galerie RIO
Location: Saint-Sulpice, Quebec
Fenestration: Fabelta fenestration systems
Architectural design: Nathalie St-Martin
Designer: Stéphanie Bélanger
Photographer: Michael Glickman

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