Revolutionizing Healthcare: HELP Hospital in Campina Grande

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Project Highlights

Project location: Campina Grande, State of Paraíba, Brazil
Site area: 25.000 m²
Construction surface: 30.000m²

No. of beds: 400
ICU Beds: 40
Bunkers Radiotherapy: 3
Operating rooms: 25

Design time: 2016-2020
Construction time: 2019-2023
Completion time: April 2023
Maintainer: Fundação Pedro Americo

Lead Architect: Carolina Gadelha
Architects: Andreia Oliveira, Eric Roberto
Photographers: Vilmar Costa

Contemporanea Arquitetura e Interiores proudly unveils its latest masterpiece: HELP, the Hospital de Ensino e Laboratórios de Pesquisa situated in the vibrant Agreste region of northeastern Brazil. With a strategic location in Campina Grande, a bustling city with over 420,000 residents, this cutting-edge facility extends its reach to over 1.5 million individuals within its operational radius. Designed to redefine healthcare standards, HELP emerges as a beacon of hope, poised to elevate Campina Grande as a premier medical hub serving a significant portion of the Brazilian populace.

Visionary Design for Regional Impact

At the heart of HELP lies a visionary concept, meticulously crafted by the Contemporânea team. This innovative structure transcends conventional hospital architecture, seamlessly integrating design, technology, sustainability, and humanization. Spanning an impressive 30,000m2, HELP encompasses a comprehensive range of services, including outpatient clinics, emergency care, surgical facilities, imaging centers, and research laboratories.

Navigating Complexity with Precision

Navigating the intricate needs of diverse patient demographics posed a significant challenge for the project. From philanthropic to private care, HELP caters to a mixed clientele while serving as a center of excellence for medical education and scientific advancement. The meticulous design ensures seamless flow and functionality, aligning with stringent national and international accreditation standards such as ONA and JCI.

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Pioneering Technology and Sustainability

HELP sets a new benchmark for technological innovation and sustainability in Brazilian healthcare infrastructure. Boasting state-of-the-art building facilities and systems, the hospital integrates advanced solutions for resource efficiency and environmental stewardship. From sophisticated building automation to a solar power plant capable of meeting 100% of the facility’s energy demands, HELP exemplifies a harmonious blend of technology and sustainability, yielding substantial cost savings redirected towards pediatric care services.

Humanizing Healing Spaces

In its pursuit of holistic wellness, HELP draws inspiration from Biophilia and Neuroarchitecture principles, infusing natural elements throughout the facility. Internal gardens, ample natural lighting, and thoughtfully curated aesthetics create a therapeutic environment conducive to healing and well-being. By prioritizing the comfort of patients, staff, and visitors alike, HELP redefines the role of architecture in healthcare, transcending mere functionality to foster a culture of compassion and care.

Conclusion: Transforming Lives Through Design

As a testament to modern architectural innovation, HELP embodies a human-centered approach to healthcare design. Beyond its structural magnificence, HELP represents a transformative force, dedicated to the restoration, comfort, and empowerment of individuals in need. With its unwavering commitment to excellence, Contemporanea Arquitetura e Interiores has not only built a hospital but a beacon of hope for generations to come.

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