Revamped Elegance: Louis-Hébert’s Chic Makeover

In the heart of Montreal’s Rosemont neighborhood, Vives St-Laurent unveils its latest masterpiece – the rejuvenated Louis-Hébert residence. What once stood as a duplex now epitomizes lightness and simplicity, a testament to the meticulous planning of the architects at Vives St-Laurent.

A Family-Centric Redesign

Fifteen years after the initial renovations, the architects embraced the challenge of adapting the existing structure to meet the evolving needs of a family of five. Beyond mere functionality, the transformation reflects a thoughtful blend of the old and the new.

Spatial Harmony and Functional Flourish

Upon entering, the Montreal plex’s unique spatial organization captivates. A central vestibule leads to rooms on either side, with the adjacent space transformed into a versatile boudoir. Here, a wall-mounted bookcase, integrated desk, and seating area coalesce seamlessly, illuminated by natural light filtering through a strategic glass partition.

Preserving authenticity, original elements like rounded arches and sandblasted flooring are celebrated. The intact ceiling medallions add organic texture, infusing the renovated space with charm and character.

Modernizing Tradition: Stairs and Dining

The existing staircase, its wooden steps carefully restored, harmonizes with the overall design. Modernized railings provide a lighter visual feel, delineating spaces with elegance. In the dining area, an antique piece, repainted and modified, complements a bespoke white oak table, creating a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity.

Enhanced Connectivity with the Outdoors

The rear facade’s renovation prioritizes a stronger connection with the backyard. A strategically placed fixed window frames the pool and landscaping, fostering a seamless indoor-outdoor experience. An arch aligns with a white oak island, visually anchoring the space and leading into a streamlined kitchen boasting neutral tones and clever storage solutions.

Zenithal Light and Subtle Elegance

Ascending to the second floor, skylights bathe the space in soothing natural light. The upstairs bathroom, illuminated by a second skylight, exudes an airy, muted ambiance. A custom-made vanity unit, subtly reminiscent of the kitchen, unifies the residence’s aesthetic.

In essence, the Louis-Hébert project embodies Vives St-Laurent‘s commitment to meticulous and inspiring renovations. The delicate balance struck between original elements and contemporary solutions showcases the design team’s finesse, resulting in a home that harmoniously marries tradition with innovation.

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