Residence des Forges: A Poetic Blend of Art and Architecture

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Résidence des Forges is a modern architectural masterpiece located in Mauricie, Québec. It is an outstanding example of how a strong creative vision that respects the surrounding natural environment and cultural heritage can generate quality architecture that is also environmentally aware. The project was designed and motivated by the industrial, yet poetic heritage of Les Forges du Saint-Maurice, which served as inspiration for the residence’s sculpted and moulded design.

Residence des Forges The house is set on a site with topographical slopes, views, vegetation, and meandering curves of the St. Maurice River, which presents various challenges for construction, particularly in terms of municipal regulations and the steep slope that characterizes the site’s topography. The upper floor of the house rises from the ground and follows the curves of the river. The design had to be built in alignment with the cliff’s profile at a distance of 20m to fully enjoy the views, resulting in a sprawling design that defines the project’s morphology.

The residence consists of three wings supported by a main structure of steel and an intentionally exposed secondary woodwork structure. The black spruce plank siding provides visual neutrality, creating an unusual volume that breaks away from the horizon and appears to be floating among the trees, interacting with the river bends. The upper floor is suspended in mid-air, while the living areas are cantilevered, focusing on the surrounding landscapes.

The entrance is accessed through a covered outdoor space inspired by Les Forges du Saint-Maurice, sheltered from the elements and arched on all four sides, providing an effective and simple design. The living areas and master suite are located on the second floor, and guest areas, garages, and utility rooms are located on the first floor. The interior design features raw materials of concrete, steel, and glass, providing a warm contrast with the knot-free cedar slats ceiling.

In conclusion, Résidence des Forges is an architectural masterpiece that blends in respectfully with the landscape of the St. Maurice River. It is a true representation of how creativity, respect for the natural environment, and cultural heritage can generate quality architecture that is environmentally aware. Bourgeois/Lechasseur architectes has demonstrated its capability in designing a project that respects its constraints and surroundings, resulting in a masterpiece that combines nature and culture to form a work of art.

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Technical sheet

Location : Mauricie, Québec
Architects : Bourgeois / Lechasseur architectes
General contractor : Construction Boulard et associés
Structural engineer : L2C experts conseils
Photographer : Adrien Williams

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