Reclaimed Wood: Using the Popular Material in Your Home

Everyday people are taking advantage of the beauty found within reclaimed wood. From flooring to fireplace mantels, wood beams or stair treads, reclaimed wood can be used in many formats. Learning how the popular material can be used in the home can help you to see how design changes can be added to your space. Below are a few examples of popular ways reclaimed wood is used in residential dwellings.


One of the most beautiful ways to use reclaimed wood is with flooring. The wood pieces can be milled and customized to your application needs. Each piece will have its own character and interest, unmatched by man made products. Easily add a wide plank flooring to your living spaces, showing off the beautiful patina and historic markings on the wood.
With flooring, homeowners can choose from prefinished or unfinished formats, creating a custom look in each space. Many wood products that fit into the reclaimed category come from old joists and floors of homes and businesses. Please visit for more information.

Stair Treads

Do you have stairs in your home? Would you like to create a more rustic look to your staircase? With reclaimed wood, you can easily add a rustic touch to your home with stair treads, risers, and stringers. All of these pieces can be created from the same material so there is a cohesive look. You can even use reclaimed wood for your flooring and stairs, for an overall custom look.

Wood Paneling

Another popular use of reclaimed wood is wood paneling. Add beauty, interest and a focal point to your space with this option. Wood wall paneling can be added to a wall or the ceiling to create a focal point. To help create a visual interest, paneling can be created from varying species of wood as well as different finishes, from light to dark coloring.

Countertops, Bar Tops, and Table Tops

The material is a perfect option for areas of a kitchen including countertops, bar tops, and table tops. Solid wood tops can be created from reclaimed wood for countertops, tabletops and tops for bars. With the counters, the wood will be milled and then fit together to create a solid piece for your kitchen cabinets.
Smaller pieces of reclaimed wood will be used for table and bar tops. The wood can have a unique color tone and grain pattern, which creates a special piece that can only be found in your home.

Wood Shelves

For a decorative touch in the home, reclaimed wood can be used to create wood shelving. Smaller pieces of wood can be cut down to create varying sized reclaimed shelves for the home. Place decorative items on the shelving to create visual interest in any room of your home.

These are just a few ways that reclaimed wood can be used in your home. Think about how you can add the material in your home to add a lovely rustic touch to any room!

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