Quinta SC, Portugal by dEMM arquitectura

Quinta SC by dEMM arquitectura

Project description of Quinta SC by dEMM arquitectura:
The conversion of the nineteenth century parochial house required an approach to current demands of comfort, which led to a reformulation of the living areas, creating a new functional distribution. Integrating the contemporary habitat and programatic requirements, the use of a new language is a way to highlight and enhance the existing one.

The wooden window frames were replaced by stainless steel ones, that are invisible from the exterior and provide a more direct illumination of all the interior space. The irregularly shaped glass lantern runs through the upper floor and illuminates the indoor pool, as well as it separates two different areas of the living upstairs. All the other constructive and decorative elements suffered a complete restore, in order to fix existing pathologies that could affect the durability of the building.
The dialogue between new and existing forms is thereby based in relations of respect, knowledge and detail, contributing to the formal definition of the new programatic use.

Architects: dEMM arquitectura, Emanuel Silva

Collaborators: Isabela Neves, Manuel Pais Vieira e Paulo Fernandes Silva
Location: Portugal
Constructed Area: 1.000 sqm 

Project Year: 2002

Construction Year: 2004

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