Pt Group Event Space: Where Dragon Meets Innovation

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In the bustling heart of Hong Kong’s vibrant Mong Kok district lies a true gem of architectural ingenuity – the Pt Group Event Space, a creation by Fat Design Studio Architects Limited. This 176m² rectangular marvel redefines the concept of multi-functional event spaces, offering a canvas for small banquets, seminars, and product launches, all in the heart of the luxury goods landscape. Let’s delve into this remarkable space that seamlessly merges the worlds of design, functionality, and heritage.

Dragon-Inspired Design

At the core of the Pt Group Event Space is a captivating narrative that pays tribute to the rich history of its client, an award-winning jewelry designer with deep family ties to the industry. Her father, a renowned jeweler and sculptor, left an indelible mark with his iconic golden dragons. Drawing inspiration from this legacy, the architects embarked on a mission to capture the essence of “dragon flow” within the interior architecture.

The interior design achieves this through a masterful play of form and light. The curving wall, composed of segmented panels, mimics the overlapping scales of a dragon. Illuminated by a carefully positioned side light trough, the panels come alive with a dynamic interplay of light and shadow. The result is a mesmerizing flow that guides the eye, akin to gazing upon a multi-faceted diamond.

Modular Innovation

Behind the scenes of this architectural masterpiece lies innovation in the form of modularization. The curving wall comprises 28 segmented panels, each meticulously crafted to measure 1.24m Wide X 2.4m Tall. What’s truly remarkable is the simplification achieved by modulizing the panels into just six unique curve profiles. Panels D, E, and F are mirror images of C, B, and A, respectively. This streamlined approach not only enhances constructability but also proves to be cost-efficient, resulting in a fluid, free-flowing feature.

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Function Meets Aesthetics

While the Pt Group Event Space primarily serves as a functional hub for various events, it’s important to note that no space is wasted. The excess area outside the curved walls is ingeniously repurposed to house back-of-house functions. As the space gracefully concludes, a welcoming break-out Lounge area emerges. Here, social interaction is fostered amidst the backdrop of a perfectly curved wall adorned with a stunning super-graphic of the client’s favorite peony flower, punctuated by a suspended logo that seems to defy gravity.

Illuminating the Atmosphere

Lighting design plays an integral role in highlighting the unique features of this space. Each wall panel is equipped with an LED light trough, which accentuates the gradual changes in crease lines and the vertical fins. The suspended ceiling mirrors the space below, creating a harmonious visual journey. In the break-out lounge, concentric LED features enhance the ambiance, adding another layer of visual intrigue to the Pt Group Event Space.

Awards and Recognition

This architectural marvel hasn’t gone unnoticed in the global design community. The Pt Group Event Space proudly boasts the Grand Prize in the KDesign Award 2022 in Korea. Additionally, it has secured a Bronze Prize in the International Design Award (IDA) 2022, specifically in the category of Interior Design and Interior Lighting.

In conclusion, the Pt Group Event Space stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities of architectural innovation. With its dragon-inspired design, modular ingenuity, and dedication to both function and aesthetics, it redefines what a multi-functional event space can be. As visitors step into this breathtaking environment, they embark on a journey through time, tradition, and timeless beauty.

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