Prisma Glass Space Separation Solution / Skyfold

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Skyfold, the world’s leader in vertical space separation solutions, announces the launch of Prisma, a revolution in visual connection and acoustic separation. Prisma combines clear glass panels with Skyfold’s proven superior technology to deliver acoustic privacy in plain sight. Users of the flexible spaces created by the Prisma wall system benefit from improvements in productivity, wellbeing, and aesthetics – a step change for the industry.

“Prisma allows spaces to be seen in a new light,” says Francois Hervieux, VP of Sales and Marketing at Skyfold, “The need for flexibility of spaces is now clearly addressed with Prisma’s glass panels. Offering more than just our acclaimed acoustic credentials, Prisma also has the benefits of daylight, a sense of connection and community. The sheer joy of bright, welcoming spaces that are still essentially private does wonders for efficiency, creativity, and happiness.”

Available in a variety of different glass and opaque options, plus frame colours, Prisma sets creative genius free to explore a world of different possibilities and unique results.

“Prisma is an acoustical advanced glass vertically retracting wall with a rating of 52 STC/Rw,” explains Mark McDonald, Vice President of Engineering at Skyfold, who led the development of Prisma. Like all Skyfold products, users of Prisma can depend on the neat, vertically retractable system that requires no wall or floor tracks. This latest innovation is available up to 12 ft. (3.65 m) in height, with unlimited lengths. It comes with the assurance of Skyfold’s expertise in dependable, flexible wall systems that are easy to use.

Skyfold has over 9,000 wall installations globally that incorporate the safety elements of auto-reverse obstruction sensors, with a promise of longevity backed by a 10-year guarantee.

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