Podil Pied-à-Terre: Wood-Infused Charm in Kyiv

Podil Vibes: A Nod to Kherson

Discover the enchanting blend of history and modernity as a family transforms an attic space in Kyiv into a charming pied-à-terre. Drawn to the eclectic charm of Podil, reminiscent of their hometown Kherson, the family sought to capture the district’s adventurous allure, surrounded by the Dnipro embankment and historical landmarks.

Turning Flaws into Features: The Design Challenge

Dive into the innovative design approach as Yana Molodykh navigates the unique features of the attic space, seamlessly incorporating exposed beams and metal columns. The fusion of classical and modernist architecture, complemented by a backdrop of wood, breathes life into the living and dining areas, evoking a light, airy atmosphere.

From Tiles to Terracotta: Crafting the Aesthetic

Explore the intricacies of the apartment’s interior, where functional elements meet aesthetic delight. The compact bedroom, adorned with smart storage solutions, reveals the designer’s ingenuity in optimizing limited space. The bathroom, a tribute to constructivism, showcases a mosaic of tiles from different collections, harmonized by terracotta sconces by Ukrainian designer Yulia Kononenko.

Meet the Maestros: Owners and Craftsmen

Uncover the story behind the occupants – a vibrant couple in their 60s, retired from the IT industry, with a passion for jazz, travel, and woodcraft. Learn how their son’s wood furniture workshop, “Buro 150,” played a pivotal role in connecting them with designer Yana Molodykh. The project’s excellence is crowned with the prestigious “Best of Best” title in the Apartment Interiors category by ArchitectureMasterprize.

In this wood-infused haven, cultural echoes of Podil resonate, creating a home where history and contemporary living intertwine seamlessly.

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