Pine Residence: Seamless Design & Elegance

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Project Information

Official name of the project: Pine Residence
Location: Saint-Lambert, Québec, Canada
Project end date: 2023
Architecture + Interior Design: Salem Architecture, Jad Salem Architect, Stephane Gaulin-Brown, Amélie Vachon, Krystell Bacon
General contractor:

Construction Design Ledoux
Wood structure: De Bois Blouin
Structural engineer: CanExplore, Charles-Etienne Martel
Cabinet maker and kitchen: Bruno Pichet
Windows and sliding doors: Alumilex

Lighting fixtures: Lambert & Fils
Dining table and chairs: Kastella
Exterior chairs: Cab Deco, Babila chairs 2735
Concrete benches: Béton Architectural Johnstone
Ceramic tiles: Ramacieri Soligo

Photographer: Phil Bernard

Welcome to a world where architectural excellence meets the warmth of family living. Salem Architecture is delighted to introduce the Pine Residence project, a mesmerizing architectural masterpiece nestled in the heart of Saint-Lambert, Quebec, Canada. This project embodies a seamless harmony between time-honored tradition and visionary innovation, artfully extending the footprint of the existing ‘King-Cottage’ style home to meet the ever-evolving needs of a thriving family.

Fluidity of Interior Spaces towards the Exterior

One of the Pine Residence‘s most remarkable features is its seamless transition from indoor to outdoor spaces, fulfilling the homeowners’ desire for year-round enjoyment. Architects achieved this through an exposed wooden structure extending into a covered outdoor area, creating a generous living space that remains inviting even on rainy days. This design blurs the interior-exterior boundary, infusing warmth into the kitchen and dining area. The ground-level expansion ensures easy access to the outdoors, making it family-friendly for all generations. Large sliding glass doors maximize openness, while an integrated skylight bathes the interior in natural light, from the ground floor to the master bedroom’s bathroom.

An Adaptable Space

The architectural ingenuity of the Pine Residence shines in its versatility. The design caters to large gatherings while also meeting the daily needs of the extended family. The addition of a home office space within the new volume, complete with exceptional acoustic insulation, adds to the home’s adaptability. The configuration of the expansion ensures that it provides picturesque views of an adjacent church while respecting the occupants’ privacy.


The choice of materials plays a pivotal role in shaping the ambiance of the Pine Residence. The exquisite combination of a white oak kitchen with a natural finish, cream-colored quartz countertops, and carefully selected ceramics creates an atmosphere that is both luminous and grounded. These materials not only enhance the aesthetics but also contribute to the overall comfort of the living space.

Entrance Zone and Fireplace

The transition between the existing house and the expansion is marked by the strategic placement of a three-sided visible fireplace. This unique architectural feature not only adds character to the residence but also effectively separates the existing living room from the new spaces. As part of the project, the entrance area has been thoughtfully redesigned to optimize space utilization, incorporating multiple storage options and an integrated bench.


The Pine Residence by Salem Architecture is not just a house; it’s a testament to exceptional design and a client-architect relationship built on collaboration and trust. Each element of this project has been meticulously crafted to enhance the well-being of the homeowners and cater to their specific needs. From the seamless indoor-outdoor flow to the adaptable spaces and carefully chosen materials, Pine Residence stands as a shining example of modern architecture that respects tradition and embraces innovation. Salem Architecture has truly created a masterpiece in Saint-Lambert, Canada, and the Pine Residence is a testament to their commitment to architectural excellence.

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