Piano House, Rotterdam / by pasel kuenzel architects

Piano House, Rotterdam / by pasel kuenzel architects

This remarkable urban villa, designed by Dutch architects Ralf Pasel and Frederik Künzel, is located on the site of a former industrial area, in the heart of the Dutch city of Leiden.

The spatial idea of this urban residence is based on a 3 metre high, all-embracing wooden screen that surrounds the whole site enclosing as well the building volumes as the building voids of the patio and garden.

Piano House, Rotterdam / by pasel kuenzel architects
© Marcel van der Burg

The composition of this wooden filter, made out of ‚dancing’ timber fins, refers directely to the musical oeuvre of the concert violist and the pianist living in the house. It manifests a crescendo of multifaceted visual relationships and allows for an exceptional syncopical relation between public and private life; between inside and outside the house.
While the merging interior and exterior spaces on the groundfloor are taken up by the living and music areas, the upperfloor comprises various private rooms with individual roofterraces.

Architect: pasel.kuenzel architects, Rotterdam, NL
Team: R. Pasel, F. Künzel, S. Wolff
Client: Privat
Photos: Marcel van der Burg

Web: www.paselkuenzel.com

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