Pearl Academy of Fashion, India

Pearl Academy of Fashion by Morphogenesis

Designed by Morphogenesis, the Pearl Academy of Fashion is created as a sustainabale building by combining traditional technic and modern technology. From the outside, the building look simple with cubic shape. It’s located in Jaipur, India and adopting the traditional cooling method from Rajasthan.

Morphogenesis was able to develop two passive-cooling control methods to keep the work spaces and courtyards cool at 27 degrees Celsius even when it is 47 degrees Celsius outside. First, the entire building is elevated off the ground, sucking air in around the edges of the building which is eventually released up through the open-air courtyards. A large stepped well in the center of the building also plays a role in lowering the temperature of the air as it enters under the belly of the building. Fed by recycled water from the on-site sewage treatment plant, the well creates creates a cooler microclimate through evaporation.

Pearl Academy of Fashion by Morphogenesis


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