Paving 101: What is Tar and Chip Paving

Whether it’s installing a new driveway, building a new parking lot, or reconstructing your existing ones, pause and hold that new paving project if you are not yet familiar with tar and chip paving. This road surface, although not commonly known to others unlike asphalt and concrete, is actually a method of pavement that has been used by paving professionals for over 100 years!

What is Tar and Chip Paving?

Tar and Chip paving is a low-cost paving solution best known as a substitute for asphalt. Its mixture is a combination of three basic materials: liquid hot asphalt, hot tar, and gravel rocks. Because of these convenient and straightforward ingredients, tar and chip is easily one of the best surfaces a paving company in Hanover VA can offer.

It is known in many terms such as chip seal, oil and chip, seal chip, liquid-asphalt-and-stone, or macadam. But regardless of how it is called, its process and installation are all the same.

First, a thin layer of hot asphalt or hot tar is spread across the surface for the base, followed by a thin layer of gravel or stones that are poured on top of the base layer, and then lastly, a steamroller is utilized to press down the rocks on the oil base to compact all the pieces into one solid pavement.

Easier explained than done, tar and chip installation is best left to the professionals as good and high-quality work is required to enjoy a durable and long-lasting surface.

What are the benefits?

Before you reach out to your local paving contractor, check out first why tar and chip is a viable option.

  • It’s low-cost
    If you are a bit tight on the budget department, you might want to consider tar and chip for your paving construction. It’s cheap and affordable without sacrificing much of its quality because it is primarily made of asphalt and stones. And it can last you for at least 10 years with regular upkeep.

    Tar and chip isn’t so much of a high maintenance. Unlike asphalt that needs regular conditioning, sealcoating, and repairs, tar and chip holds wear very well and so it doesn’t really need the same level of monitoring.

  • It adds a unique look
    Other than cost-saving, tar and chip can easily revamp your property with minimal effort. Since the top layer of the pavement is made of stones, you can easily personalize the overall look of your pavement or driveway by choosing the color of the gravel rocks.

    With this customized finish, getting a unique and visually appealing surface for your property is within reach at such an affordable price. There is a wide selection of gravel that you can choose from which can upgrade any driveway into an elegant and attractive surface. You can even mix and play around with the different colors of beautiful stones to create the best and most attractive pavement that represents your style and aesthetic.

  • It’s durable
    Although not as tough and long-lasting as asphalt, tar and chip can still last for more than 10 years before it will actually need heavy repairs. Moreover, its longevity can be prolonged by simply contacting your paving contractor and asking them to lend your pavement some touch-ups. And with very little effort, you can decide to even add in another layer of tar and gravel.
  • It improves the traction
    Aside from it being inexpensive and easily customizable, these gravel rocks also provide a rough and grainy platform that is great for improving traction in your driveway. And of course, more traction meant less slips and potential accidents.

For these reasons, tar and chip paving make an excellent option for driveways, roadways, or any type of pavement where vehicles move a lot. If you have a commercial establishment, then this is a good choice for you because it improves the safety of all of your customers, especially during heavy rains and sudden downpours where you can definitely maximize the pavement’s skid-resistant feature. Other than that, it also holds up well in all types of weather as it is a pretty good moisture barrier, plus, it’s water-resistant too.

Where to use Tar and Chip Paving?

With the several advantages of tar and chip paving mentioned above, it’s evident that it can be a great solution for you if you’re looking for a reasonably-priced alternative to asphalt and you’re not a huge fan of gravel since tar and chip sits somewhere in between the two.

Now, if you want to improve the safety, comfort, and curb appeal of your property, whether it’s for home or for your business, make it a point to choose a dedicated paving contractor who can provide you premium tar and chip paving solutions.

Reach out to a professional paving company for a consultation. It is always best to communicate your paving needs to experts so that they can provide you with the most efficient and appropriate paving solutions.

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