Paga Todo, Mexico City / by usoarquitectura

Paga Todo, Mexico City / by usoarquitectura

Space is the main factor that determines the interior design and operation of a company. The new corporate offices for Paga Todo presented a particular challenge because it was necessary to adapt to the clients demands and a 2,000 sq m area in a shopping center.

A big wood box, inserted respecting the surrounding design, greets everyday collaborators and visitors. Inside the box were located the reception, support area and interview halls, on top of it –with a panoramic view of the finance area- the personalized area to serve the dealers.

Paga Todo, Mexico City / by usoarquitectura
© Héctor Armando Herrera

The client decided to implement in their office a lounge style cafeteria –like a hotel lobby- because before the relocation the majority of the collaborators preferred to work and meet in the close by cafeterias to enjoy a more relaxed ambiance. This space has all the necessary services and it is a nice surprise for the visitors because there are screen, complimentary computers with Internet, snacks and drinks.

The staircase was located in the vertex of the project in order to communicate with the upper level, opening a new entrance of light from above and making more interesting this meeting point for the colleagues.

Paga Todo, Mexico City / by usoarquitectura
© Héctor Armando Herrera

The color palette –asked by the client- is very sober and with no risk. White, beige shades with accents in a dry green and the oak of the furniture and woodwork. Three sections with meeting halls divide the space generating references and transitions between the work cells.

For natural light big vertical stripes were open on the façade of the shopping center and most of the walls were not built ceiling height to make the most of the different natural light sources of the building. Large windows facing the interior of the shopping center were also installed to make references in the main corridor. The windows have random size and create a sequence with the transition of each of the work teams.

Designers names: Gabriel Salazar y Fernando Castañón

Project name: Paga Todo
Location: Mexico City
Project area: 2,000 sq m
Main materials: Drywall, glass, millwork and carpet tiles
Photography: Héctor Armando Herrera

Company telephone number: +5255 1520 1765
Company website:
Detail address of company: Av. Contreras 246-201 San Jerónimo Lídice 10200 Mexico D.F. Mexico

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