NHN Green Factory by Samoo

Description from Samoo:
NHN green Factory is a modern design using spatial composition of grand open floor plates and vertical communication zones to unify and link NHN staff. This is designed to promote socialization, interactivity and creative brainstorming; making people more visible to each other by using the architecture to facilitate the communication amongst the diverse employees. It adheres to the client’s directives for creating a building that communicates the importance of the employees; one that does not seem boastful while sparing little expense in creating a landmark that takes in its surrounding views. Integrated vertical “louvers” that allow for a vast open view when necessary and at the same time provide shading and light control to allow the programmers to carry on with their work without interruptions by glare on their computer screens. These louvers also display on the facades of the building. And they give an ever changing, random canvas feeling to the building’s facades as they are envisioned as being operated individually. Integrated lighting/media displays designed into the facades for NHN to display messages to their surrounding community or to use potentially as ad space.

Location : Bungdang, Korea
Client : NHN
Total Floor Area : 101,661.51㎡
Structure : S.R.C.
Floors : 28stories and 7basements
Awards : nhn Venture Tower Design Competition
Collaboration : NBBJ

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