New Sustainable Wooden Supermarket in Liège (BE) / by MDW ARCHITECTURE and H+G Architects

MDW ARCHITECTURE and H+G Architects have recently completed for Delhaize Group the construction of a new sustainable wooden supermarket in Liège, Belgium.

The singular ambition of this project is to show that a development programme as basic as a supermarket can, if handled with ambition and craftiness, become a subtle operation of urban acupuncture that heals the place where it is built.

Situated in the middle of a 180m-long city block, the 3,500 sqm project aims to improve the quality and permeability of the site, both for users of the building and for residents of the area.

Wood is used throughout the project, from structure to fasade. Beside its reduced impact in terms of grey energy, the choice of this eco-responsible material is also motivated by its ability to create a building that is visually lighter, easily adaptable and/or recyclable.

The interior of the shop breaks away from the usual practice in that special attention is paid to visual contacts with the exterior and the penetration of daylight.

The building targets to achieve BREEAM Very Good.


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