New Concept Restaurant UMAMI KO / by Kanner Architects

Kanner Architects are excited to share new images of a concept restaurant they are currently working on in collaboration with the UMAMI Group.

New concept restaurant UMAMI KO also called U-ko / by Kanner Architects

New concept restaurant UMAMI KO also called “U-ko”
Destination and location: worldwide, urban setting, suburban setting (mall)
The owner approach: restaurant as a shack

Outdoor-Indoor Experience

  • Indoor space: 44 dining seats + 6 bar seats
  • Outdoor space: 80 seats
  • Interior space: bright and generous, large openings to the surrounding elements
  • Indoor garden within the restaurant: core of the restaurant distributing the entry, the kitchen area and access, the bar area, the dining area and services. It also provides additional light and natural elements in the restaurant experience.
  • Innovative computer system to order meals: Umami touch screen tablet in each table with menu and info. You order food and drinks through the touch screen, one pays through the tablet by sliding your credit card and receiving directly the invoice to the patron’s email address. Umami staff will then serve your order.

Umami Sensibility to a New Ecologically Sensitive Experience

  • Green and sustainable restaurant concept
  • Energy and water efficient building
  • Solar power
  • Built from sustainable and recycled materials: post-consumer recycled paper louvers, FSC certified wood exterior and interior wall, FSC certified hardwood floor, bamboo and fiber board, salvaged aluminum waste countertop.
  • Shading structure for the outdoor area and the 80 outdoor seats: composed of recycled steel structure and photovoltaic solar panel
  • Outdoor reclaimed wood deck and grass pavements for the parking spaces

Modular Structure

  • Free standing building; brand new raised building
  • Structure can be extended with other modules attached to each of them
  • Structure can be oriented in different configurations depending on the urban settings and views
  • Structure lifted from the ground so the type of foundation (depending of the location’s soil) doesn’t impact the modular system


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