National Assembly Communication Building: Award-Winning Design

Haeahn Architecture and H Architecture, two renowned firms from South Korea and New York respectively, have captured the prestigious 2023 Architizer A+Awards Popular Choice prize in the Government & Civic Buildings category. Their remarkable achievement stems from their visionary design and architectural prowess showcased in the National Assembly Communication Building project located in Seoul, South Korea. This article delves into the captivating architectural elements, innovative design concepts, and the significance of winning this esteemed award.

Architectural Excellence

The National Assembly Communication Building stands proudly within the esteemed National Assembly complex, considered the cradle of Korean democracy. Embracing a pluralistic ideology, the architects at Haeahn Architecture and H Architecture meticulously designed the building to seamlessly integrate with the existing components of the complex. By striking a balance between openness and order, the structure conveys a harmonious blend of modernity and tradition.

Design Concepts

1. Flexibility and Expandability
Understanding the need for a multi-purpose building, the architects prioritized spatial flexibility and expandability. The National Assembly Communication Building not only incorporates systematic security measures but also caters to the diverse needs of various user groups. The vision was to create a dynamic space where public activities could organically unfold alongside the monumental nature of the National Assembly area.

2. Green Space Integration
The building’s surroundings were a lush green space with majestic trees reaching an average height of 10-12 meters. To preserve the natural ambiance and establish a human-scale connection, the architects introduced a public green space. By limiting the building’s height to four stories, the structure blends harmoniously with the greenery, ensuring that it remains nestled among the trees. The rooftop was designed as a green zone, seamlessly merging with the flow of nature. This integration preserves the monumental landscape while offering a refreshing environment for occupants and visitors.

3. Systematic Spatial Planning
Recognizing the coexistence of various functions and user groups, the architects devised a horizontal zoning plan that enhances spatial usability and work efficiency. The distribution of functions across different floors, coupled with four cores surrounding the atrium, ensures smooth traffic flow and provides a robust security system. Moreover, an optimized modular system was implemented, allowing for flexible adaptation to future changes in space demands.

3. Spaces for Communication
In line with the principles of pluralistic democracy, the architects prioritized creating spaces that encourage encounters and communication. The National Assembly Communication Building features carefully designed areas for public, press, parliamentary politics, and administration functions. Common spaces and rest areas were strategically placed throughout the building, facilitating seamless connections between different spaces. These areas serve as platforms for relaxation, fostering communication between individuals, spaces, and the urban environment, resulting in a vibrant hub of democratic exchange.

Award Recognition

The recent recognition of the National Assembly Communication Building project with the 2023 Architizer A+Awards Popular Choice prize in the Government & Civic Buildings category solidifies its significance in the architectural world. This esteemed accolade celebrates the remarkable achievements of Haeahn Architecture and H Architecture, acknowledging their exceptional design, innovative concepts, and commitment to creating a space that fosters democratic values, communication, and cooperation.


The National Assembly Communication Building in Seoul, South Korea, is a testament to the visionary collaboration between Haeahn Architecture and H Architecture. Its architectural brilliance, encompassing flexible design concepts, integration with green spaces, systematic spatial planning, and emphasis on communication, has earned it the prestigious 2023 Architizer A+Awards Popular Choice prize. This remarkable project will continue to serve as an open space, facilitating lively communication and embodying the spirit of democracy for generations to come.

Technical sheet

Location: Seoul, South Korea
Program: Public Office, Community Facilities, Briefing Room, Broadcast Facility, Welfare Facility, Restaurant, Retails, Landscape Gardens

Gross Area: 23,754 m²
Completion Year: 2020

Client: The National Assembly of the Republic of Korea, National Assembly Secretariat
Architects: Taeman Kim, Jaejun Ryu

Design Team: Hyunhwa Jung, Hyeonseok Oh, Seongho An, Hyeongwook Doh, Junyong Kim, Minkang Shin, Youngjun Shin, Jaewon Chang, Yohan Bahc, Jinyoung Bae, Haengsook Lee, Yongjae Choi, Seungyoung Nam, Jongjin Park, Minjung Kim (Haeahn)

Changhak Choi, Minbum Koo, Jaesung Jung, Euimi Si (H)
Photographer: Namsun Lee

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