Mountain Cove: Montreal’s Cozy Modern Retreat

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Project Highlights

Project Name: The Mountain Cove
Location: Outremont, Quebec, Canada
Client: N/A

Architects/designers: MU Architecture
Team: Jean-Sébastien Herr, Charles Côté, Magda Telenga, Maude Hébert, Andrée-Anne Godin, Sakiko Watatani
Cabinet Maker: Élément Bois
Structural: GenieX

Contractor: Lexa Construction
Lift: Savaria
Windows: Alumilex
Pergolla: Bellon Prestige

Blinds: Store Urbain
Completion: November 2023
Photos: Nanne Springer
Area: 4 625 sq.ft.

Nestled in the prestigious Mont-Royal Mountain sector of Montreal’s Outremont district, The Mountain Cove stands as a testament to luxurious living and bold architectural design. Crafted by MU Architecture and completed in 2023, this 4,265 square foot residence occupies one of the final vacant plots in the area, offering its owners a rare opportunity to indulge in modern sophistication amidst natural beauty.

Challenges and Triumphs: Overcoming Unique Hurdles

From its inception, The Mountain Cove encountered unique challenges that ultimately contributed to its bold architectural achievement. The steep incline of the terrain, combined with the proximity of a new multi-housing development, presented integration complexities. Additionally, excavation efforts unearthed granite rocks and a watercourse, requiring meticulous planning and waterproof foundations. Despite these hurdles, The Mountain Cove emerged as a beacon of architectural excellence.

Elegance in Design: Unfolding the Conceptual Volumetry

The architectural elegance of The Mountain Cove unfolds through its conceptual volumetry, shaping the essence of this high-end residence. Subtle angles and thoughtful choices create a protected entry from the street side, seamlessly integrating the dwelling into its irregular trapezoidal site. Positioned at the street corner, the residence offers a serene retreat, with glassed interior walkways connecting living spaces and providing breathtaking views of the city and Laurentian Mountains.

A Symphony of Volumes and Light: Merging Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

The stacking of rectangular volumes creates a distinctive architectural signature, forming a play of solids and voids along the facades. Generous windows strategically oriented towards the sun and panoramic views flood the living spaces with natural light. Outdoor terraces extend the living areas, seamlessly blending interior and exterior environments. With a focus on maximizing ceiling heights and privacy, The Mountain Cove offers a sense of space and grandeur unparalleled in modern living.

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Sculpting Luxury: From Driveway to Rooftop Garden

The journey through The Mountain Cove is a testament to luxury and sophistication at every turn. From the spacious garage concealed beneath the gently sloping driveway to the rooftop garden adorned with native plants, every detail exudes elegance and functionality. The interior spaces boast minimalist design elements, with features like a Nero Marquina marble kitchen and white oak panels adding visual harmony and warmth.

A Marriage of Innovation and Luxury: Redefining Contemporary Living

The minimalist interior design of The Mountain Cove is complemented by innovative features such as a central thermolacquered steel staircase and a Savaria Vuelift panoramic residential elevator. The inclusion of a vegetated roof not only enhances sustainability but also offers occupants a soothing connection with nature.

Embracing Tradition, Embracing the Future

In its seamless integration into the existing urban fabric and its commitment to sustainability, The Mountain Cove pays homage to Mid-century California style while embracing the challenges and opportunities of contemporary Quebec living.

The Mountain Cove stands as a testament to architectural innovation, luxurious living, and harmonious integration with nature. It’s not just a residence; it’s a lifestyle, redefining contemporary living in Montreal’s Mont-Royal Mountain sector.

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