Montreal’s Wilson Townhouse: Timeless Transformation

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Project Information

Official Project Name: Wilson residence
Location: Verdun, QC, Canada
Studio: Entre Quatre Murs
Designer/Project manager: Debby Pagé
Contractor: Downs McGovern
Cabinetmaker: Création Avantage
Suppliers: Slik Design, Alumalco, Venosa, Fisher & Paykel, Unik Parquet, Brizo, The Rubinet Faucet, Laufen, Luminaire Authentik, Muuto, Ethni Craft, Mudconcrete, Stonetile, Ramacieri Soligo.

Area: 1710 sq ft
Year: 2023
Photo credit: Maxime Brouillet

Montreal, Canada – Entre Quatre Murs introduces the Wilson Townhouse project, a remarkable architectural transformation located on Nuns’ Island. Designed by Dan Hanganu in 1982, this townhouse had maintained its charming exterior characteristics, such as simplicity in its lines, red brick, and a touch of retro style on the facade. However, the interior was in dire need of a major renovation to cater to modern living needs.

Reimagining Space with Softness and Brightness

The Entre Quatre Murs team embarked on a colossal journey to revamp the townhouse, focusing on softness, simplicity, brightness, and uniformity. From the planning stage, the designers envisioned an open layout for the first floor, emphasizing the connection between the courtyard and the interior of the house. This transformation allowed for maximum light and a sense of grandeur, all within a compact 665 square foot area.

Debby Pagé, the owner of the house and interior designer for Entre Quatre Murs, explains that custom cabinetry was the key to this layout’s success. It not only offered tailored storage solutions but also created a visual continuity between each space. The challenge lay in reworking the townhouse’s unusual structure, accommodating an extensive kitchen with a large island, which became the heart of the home.

The Elegance of Light and Materiality

The central staircase and its skylight were completely transformed to invite an abundance of natural light into the house. The staircase’s structure was reimagined, with curved lines, wood, and white metal, creating an elegant, sculptural centerpiece. This transformation suffused the entire house with gentle radiance, enhancing its character.

Materiality played a pivotal role in shaping the house’s identity, honoring its heritage while providing a sense of serenity and tranquility. The choice of materials reflected the timeless appeal of the townhouse, giving it a modern yet classic touch.

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Serene and Functional Upstairs

The second floor underwent a remarkable transformation, aligning with the same principles as the first floor. Bespoke integrated storage was designed to optimize space and daily use by the occupants. The focus was on creating a space in line with daily habits, emphasizing calm and fluidity throughout the rooms.

Hidden storage spaces were added to keep the space uncluttered, and the bathroom was redesigned to accommodate both guests and potential new family members. Large windows were enlarged to offer an unobstructed view of the courtyard, connecting the bedroom to a walk-in closet. The bathroom was intentionally designed with a light and bright color palette to ensure continuity with the project’s overall aesthetic.

Maximizing Versatility in the Basement

Even the basement was designed with the same principles in mind. With the garage occupying a significant portion of the area, the remaining space was made versatile, serving as a hub for various activities, from movie nights to workout sessions, sleepovers, and hosting friends and family. This ingenious use of space ensured that every square foot of the Wilson Townhouse was optimized for modern living.

In conclusion, the Wilson Townhouse project is a testament to the harmonious blend of heritage and modernity. Its transformation represents an architectural marvel that aligns perfectly with the demands of contemporary life, all while maintaining the timeless charm of its exterior. Entre Quatre Murs has truly brought serenity and simplicity to life within these walls.

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