Montreal’s Radiant Transformation: The Big Heart House

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Project Highlights

Official Project Name: Dobie
Location: Mont-Royal, QC, Canada
Studio: Entre Quatre Murs
Designer / Project manager: Gatline Artis
Contractor: Projet Caron
Cabinetmaker: Création Avantage
Suppliers: Slik design, Stonetile, Ramacieri Soligo, Caesarstone, Brizo, Ethnicraft, EQ3, Crate & Barrel, Herman Miller, Delightfull, Normann Copenhagen, Gus Modern, Sonneman.
Area: 3200 sq ft
Year: 2022
Photo credit: Phil Bernard
Awards and recognitions: 6 Gold Certifications at the Grands Prix du Design – 16th edition

Entre Quatre Murs, a prominent design firm, has unveiled its groundbreaking project, ‘The House with a Big Heart,’ nestled in the enchanting Town of Mount Royal in Montreal. This architectural marvel, originally constructed in 1959, recently underwent a radical transformation to cater to the evolving needs of a young family, combining innovative design elements with a focus on light, space, and functionality.

I. Illuminating Spaces: A Luminous Journey

Overcoming the challenge of limited natural light, Entre Quatre Murs adopted a strategy of decompartmentalization, creating an impressive opening between the first and second floors. The residence now boasts a completely open, white wooden staircase with glass railings, allowing sunlight to permeate every corner. To strengthen the connection with the outdoors, expansive openings on the rear facade provide captivating views of the lush garden from all floors.

II. Timeless Privacy: Each Room a Sanctuary

Despite the open-concept design, privacy takes precedence. Gatline Artis, the owner and designer, explains the meticulous planning to ensure each room maintains its privacy while offering glimpses of family members moving seamlessly from space to space. The bespoke furniture and thoughtful room positioning create an atmosphere of calm and intimacy.

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III. Kitchen Elegance: A Unique Culinary Haven

The kitchen design takes an unconventional turn, divided into two distinct spaces. The front portion exudes lightness and refinement, while the all-black pantry behind it adds a striking contrast. This unique approach seamlessly combines aesthetics and functionality, creating a communal area where the family gathers each evening.

IV. Private Sanctuaries: Harmonizing Life on the Second Floor

The second floor redefines private spaces, eliminating traditional corridors in favor of a central opening that immerses occupants in the heart of family life. Intimate cocoons of privacy coexist with a central office space, strategically placed to provide unobstructed views of the garden. Acoustic insulation ensures a tranquil environment for the family’s daily activities.

Conclusion: A Home Beyond Expectations

Every detail in this transformative project has been meticulously considered, from the central office island to the multifunctional basement. Gatline Artis reflects on the journey, stating, “The house continues to amaze us with each passing season, exceeding our expectations of functionality and quality of life.” ‘The House with a Big Heart’ stands as a testament to Entre Quatre Murs’ commitment to creating bespoke homes that capture the essence of family life, ensuring a haven where generations can thrive.

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