Modern Bathroom Design Guide

Now that it’s a new year you’re probably wondering, what does a modern bathroom look like in 2019? This is a great question. Bathroom design is always evolving, and 2019 is no different. We’re seeing less and less of the all white and chrome, sterile, and honestly boring modern bathrooms of previous years.

Don’t get me wrong, there is something to be said for the cool, futuristic, modern bathroom designs we’ve seen in the past. If you take a look at some of the luxury modern bathrooms from previous years, some of these bathrooms look like they’re straight out of a spaceship. As for 2019, we’re seeing bathrooms that still give off a modern vibe, but they’re a little more practical and achievable for the average consumer.


What kind of modern bathroom vanity are you looking for in 2019? We’ve seen floating vanities growing in popularity through 2018 and into 2019. These are especially popular in smaller bathrooms because they’re a great way to maximize space. If you’re working with a larger bathroom, double bathroom vanities with vessel sinks give you a nice modern look for 2019.

Concrete and natural woods are a great combo for the modern look. Additionally, matte black fixtures are taking the place of the chrome fixtures that we’ve seen for so long. Matte black bathroom features are statement pieces that make your vanity area pop more than other metals. If black isn’t your thing, copper and gold are great options that go well with the industrial modern look.


Modern bathrooms walls are becoming more interesting as well. Rather than plain walls, wallpaper and painting walls is the new hot modern trend for 2019. Having one wall that’s black or has an interesting wall paper is new, exciting, and modern. Another trend we’ve noticed in modern bathrooms is geometric tiles. This could be a simple backsplash, an addition to your shower, and even your floor. Geometric tiles are a new exciting trend that we believe is going to be extremely popular in modern bathrooms.

Upgrading your walls for a modern look is one of the easier changes to make. Paint is relatively inexpensive and wallpaper is an easy DIY job. This is not the place to break the bank if you’re thinking about diving into the modern bathroom design look this year.


The toilet is the best spot to practice sustainability, which is definitely a modern bathroom trend for 2019. Modern bathrooms prioritize waste management and a small eco footprint. You’ll see smart toilets and non electric bidet seats in most modern bathrooms. Being able to control your water consumption is something worth keeping an eye on. However, most modern toilets are going to come with a pretty steep price tag.

Shower and Tub

If designing a modern bathroom, the shower and tub are going to be huge parts of the overall bathroom design. Most tubs in modern bathrooms are going to be standalone bathtubs. They are a little impractical, but make an amazing focal point in a modern bathroom. To go with the stand alone tub is a walk in shower. Walk in showers have been slowly growing in popularity and are really going to stand out in 2019.

The walk in shower trend is great for small and large bathrooms. They can be huge, expansive, and luxurious, or small and space saving. Either way, they give off a modern vibe that you just won’t find with your standard shower/bathtub combo. When it comes to materials, glass and natural materials are the modern choice. Plastic and white just don’t look good anymore.


When it comes to the decor of your modern bathroom, simplicity is still a staple. Random art scattered throughout your bathroom is only going to make it look cluttered and dated. Using mirrors is a great way to make your bathroom look bigger and give it a more modern feel.

Natural materials are important to modern bathrooms in 2019 as well. Stone, concrete, and natural woods are going to be more and more prevalent in bathrooms. These can be utilized in vanities, showers, tubs, walls, floors, and even art. Having a creative piece of art like a sculpture or wall art can help your bathroom stand apart from the rest. You’ll see examples of these design choices all over right now.

As a general rule of thumb for modern bathroom design, clean lines, simplicity, and natural materials are going to be your best friends. You don’t need to go extremely over the top with your design choices if you want to get the modern look. Many of these trends can be accomplished on a fairly small budget.

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Thomas is a lead content producer for Trade Winds Imports, a company that has 10 years of experience in bathroom design and an unbeatable knowledge of bathroom vanities.

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