Modern Architectural Design Albania

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Albania, a former communist state in the Southeastern Europe is now becoming the center of attraction because of the modern architectural designs used in decorating various buildings in the metropolis. Ever since Albania became a parliamentary democracy in 1991, the country has continued to change levels when it comes to architectural buildings and establishments. Today, a single Albania Property is a real estate attraction to various buyers from Europe, US and other continents of the world.

Albania Property showcases in the form of modern real estate establishments in the country. Lots of modern day architectural designs are now being employed in erecting several buildings in the nation. A good number of the buildings have now become tourist attraction to many visitors that come into the country. Discussed below are some of the latest modern architectural buildings that are causing ripples in Albania.

Albania Parliament Tirana
This is one unique Albania Property that attracts lots of visitors. It’s an open parliament building in Tirana which has lots of fundamental democratic values for the nation. The building is situated in a large mass of land. It has since become a tourist attraction to many.

Cultural Center Albania
This is another Albania Property that is well built with the modern day architectural design. It’s a cultural complex center that consists of a Mosque, a Museum of Religious Harmony and an Islamic Center. It accommodates over 5000 Islamic worshippers at every prayer session.

Skanderbeg Square Tirana
This is another popular Albania Property that attracts lots of tourists. It’s located in Tirana. It was designed in 2008 but completed in 2010. Lots of architects were involved in the erection of the edifice. It gulped a whopping sum of 10 million Euro for the completion. The square serves as a public space or gathering center for the people.

ID Tower
This modern architectural building is situated in Tirana. Lots of well known architects were involved in erecting it. The tower serves as offices, commercial residences and restaurants for the people.

Apart from the above, there are many other buildings in Albania with the modern architectural designs. Among them include Tirana Apartments, Tirana Lakeside and so on. You’ll also locate many others in the Tirana Master plan.

Indeed, Albania Property is now becoming the center of attraction to many real estate investors especially in Europe. The unique architectural designs used in most the modern Albania buildings make them to be highly priced in the real estate market.

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